It’s Monday 10th April 2006 and Kim is back

Yes I am finally back in the valley! A month away was a long time and I am happy to be home. I spent a week in Berlin at the International Travel Market and then 3 weeks travelling on the east coast of America visiting agents. My first trip to the states and it did live up to expectations. I never imagined that I would be in a yellow taxi driving around New York – a dream come true.

At Heathrow I bumped into 2 sets of regular guests on their way out to stay with us – both couples have not been to the Valley in the green season before so were looking forward to the contrast. Tom Savage came last year and sent us some amazing shots following his trip and I have included a couple below – we are looking forward to seeing what he gets this time.

impala bird

The other couple were Richard and Barbara. The chefs having been working overtime this week making lots of chocolate birthday cakes – I think we have already celebrated 3 this week – the most important being jacobRichard who was 84 yrs old this week! By contrast earlier in the week we celebrated Hugo’s 15th Birthday – accompanied by singing from Jacob as always!

Meanwhile I seemed to have missed lots of fun and games in Zambia – I, like you all, was following what was happening on It’s Monday and was amazed by the huge rains that threatened camp. Happily my little house on the banks of the Luangwa was not flooded and I am now relieved to be able to unpack and stay put for awhile.

I was lucky on my first trip out of camp this week. Friday night a few of us popped over to the local watering hole and on the way back spotted a lone lioness sitting on the side of the road. The funny thing was that she was waiting right opposite the wildlife authority offices – it was as if she was waiting for opening time to pop in to make a report or something!

It’s seems that the leopards have been hiding away lately but have come back in force. We even had one group of lucky guests this week who saw a leopard with her young cubs. Talking of cubs the same group also saw 2 different pairs of lions mating. The males are young so it may take time for them to establish themselves in the area but hopefully we will see some new lion cubs later in the year too.

watching elephantBuffalo have been seen in good numbers this week which is always a great sight as they are often quite dispersed during the green season. Another wonderful sighting was of a large bull elephant swimming across the river and also Victor, one of our trainee guides saw a serval on his way from the office to the guests car park – unfortunately no-one was with him but we believe you Victor!

We did not get a photo of the elephant swimming but we do have a great shot of Tony and Kelly in deep discussion at Luangwa Safari House whilst an elephant quietly strolls past!

Jo had her sister and some friends staying last week and as you can see from the photos, they had a sundowner on the sand bar in front of Nkwali. They must live charmed lives as they watched a storm circle them but not a drop of rain fell on the group.

on the riveron the sand bar

RockyRocky is being dispatched up to Tena Tena to start camp building this week. I can not believe that it is that time already. I know they say that time passes more quickly as you get older but really – I am going to be 80 yrs old before I know it at this rate!

Stay well and have a great week

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