It’s Monday 10th July 2006 and the return of the prodigals

It’s Monday 10th July 2006 and the return of the prodigals

What a weekend we have just had! Simon and Shanie returned for a few days and took the valley by storm. It was so lovely to have them back with us, even if briefly. As many of you will know they both worked for RPS for many years and left at the end of last year for the city life in Lilongwe and “proper” jobs.

Friday saw a somewhat boisterous night out at Flatdogs fuelled by quite a few tequila rounds. No-one can remember quite how many but judging by the bleary eyes and vacant expressions on Saturday morning, there must have been quite a few! Simon was eager to get out into the bush and a staff gamedrive kicked off eventually. Simon’s guiding skills have not diminished and they soon came across a pride of sleepy lions. These predators were being closely watch by a small troop of baboons who had taken refuge in a nearby tree but kept one eye on them all the time.

lionessbaboons in treebuffalogiraffe

Next came a herd of buffalo and super giraffe sightings. Simon then took the crowd onwards and found a hippo wallowing in a lagoon and took this rather unflattering shot – glad I was not in focus! Kudu are one of my favourite antelope and it is always great to see these entrancing creatures. The shot of this majestic male says it all really.

hippo rearkudumartial eagle

Not to miss out on the bird front – as those who have been guided by Simon will know he is quite the twitter, he gave me a shot of the largest of our raptors, a martial eagle.

Enough excitement for one and so all returned to Nkwali for lunch. Shanie and Simon left RPS last year just as the Luangwa Safari House was being opened and had not yet experienced a lunch on the deck. The incoming guests were not arriving until late afternoon so we set up lunch on the deck. It is such a magical spot and virtually every day the elephants come to the watering hole to drink and mud bath. Right on cue a number of families arrived just before everyone sat down to lunch and Kellie got a bird’s eye view when one group came right up to the platform, completely unperturbed by everyone watching so close.

lunchon the deck

Sunday morning saw a valley-all call for bacon butties at Robin and Jo’s house and then a tearful farewell to Si and Shanie – well I was pathetic and blubbed!

And finally – just remember – someone is always watching! eye's of the lion

Stay well and have a great week. Cheerio a

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