It’s Monday 11th February 2008 and another birthday

It’s Monday 11th February 2008 and another birthday

The Valley has a most amazing lush green coat to it at the moment. We have been very spoiled here in Nkwali with the Luangwa river in full flow, you can’t imagine it being more beautiful as her mighty form flows by in full force heading toward the Zambezi.

It’s funny seeing the odd whole trees floating by from time to time often with the occasional flying passenger catching a well needed rest on its trunk.. The hippos and ellys are in abundance seen in their multitudes in the long grass and side lagoons. Boat rides on the river have revealed plenty of game along the banks and the sunsets still have you in awe as they close yet another day on the great valley

Elephants  in grassSwamp boat on river

We have been very lucky this year with the rains, with the worst now behind us, and it seems with more gorgeous sunny days of late than ever. Never the less, being the company we are, we did implement flood plans as the water was seen quite high and, based on last years unfortunate experience, we simply have erred on the side of caution, so camp was busy with staff securing the bridges, relocating our Land Cruisers to higher ground, removing doors etc of which some required a little more help than normal to remove them .

But all is well and it is business as normal.

Luangwa HouseLuangwa Safari House

Returnees are slowly trickling back into camp. Kat returned to us at the beginning of the week and certainly made a few faces smile. She, like many others, is all geared up for the busy season ahead. On her third day back both her and Simon took a trip up river on the Swamp boat to check on Kat’s soon to be home at Tena Tena and Nsefu . They were overseeing general maintenance and checking on water levels which, although high, are of no major worry. Our seasonal bushcamps will be completely back to normal and both fully operational by May. For those of you that remember your wonderful walks from Tena Tena to Buca to have bush breakfast, well this is now somewhat under water. although in that area water is already way back down. On the return trip back to Nkwali they detoured via the Heron colony

Tena Tena  Breakfastheron colony

Nkwali is a hive of activity at the moment with ongoing maintenance: Camp staff busily applying fresh coats of paint to various chalets; The cleaning and maintaining of camp vehicles; Swamp boats and various machinery all needing to be kept in good working order.

PlainingFixing boat engine

Simon and cake It has been a busy month to date with many birthdays being celebrated, Simon to name but one. Rob and Emily kindly allowed us all to invade their lovely home for a feast of delicious Paella, with Marko adding the gastronomical touch extraordinaire as per usual.

Only to be topped by a very good whisky (taken from Rob’s private stash) to round off a most enjoyable evening.


I wish you all a very great week, and don’t forget … Thursday…. it’s Valentines day! And as well all you romantic ladies, it’s a leap year so you may take the initiative …and yes…pop the question …good luck!


Cherio and Tatty bye



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