It’s Monday 11th July and game galore

It’s Monday 11th July and game galore

Hello to all – so it has been a couple of weeks since we last spoke and goodness me it has been all go here in the valley.


Where to start? Well, I guess the big event would be a good place…. Regular guests James and Annie Keogh decided to tie the knot up at Tena Tena. A year in the planning the big day arrived and my were we all nervous! James spent the evening at Nsefu and the morning game drive the day of the wedding passed in a blur, it was not long until he had a long walk across to Chembe Lagoon just outside Tena to stand at the bush alter and await Annie’s arrival. Annie however was a picture of calm all dressed up and ready to go – her main concern being the walk across the black cotton soil in high heels. Not to worry Bertrame and Simon came to the rescue and improvised a throne for her to be portered across, so a regal entrance was definitely made. This small intimate occasion with just Simon and myself there, was a truly magical moment and one that I hope will keep a very fond spot in all of our hearts.

newlywedsLittle Bee-Eater

Asides from the wedding, well to be honest with you it is difficult to find a place to start as the game has been quite extraordinary over the last couple of weeks.


Simon Cousins was back in the valley but this time on a work trip and the game and Kanga who guided the group certainly pulled out all the stops seeing everything from elephants to a very small spotted bush snake peeking out of a bush. Some great birding was also enjoyed with this lovely photo of a Little Bee-Eater. The most extraordinary sighting though had to be the leopard with a kill up a tree being chased and harassed by hyenas.



Up at Nsefu we were sitting around the camp fire chatting to the guides having a bit of a catch up on what had been going on, when Braston told us about a rather entertaining sighting he had involving a squirrel and a slender mongoose. The squirrel was happily minding its own business and catching a few rays of sunshine when the mongoose spotted it and through sheer stealth and military precision it crept up behind the squirrel and “boom” lunch was served. Who said that sun bathing wasn’t dangerous!! On the other end of the scale the Nsefu pride of lions has done very well throughout the rains and most of the cubs from last year have survived which is fantastic news and fingers crossed that stability has returned to the pride.




Moving slightly down river to Tena it is not so much lions but leopards that are falling out of the trees. One of the resident females has been spotted with 2 very small little cubs, which as you can imagine are terribly sweet and very very fluffy although as of yet no photographic evidence and hopefully some more will be on the way as there has been a mating pair of leopard showing off to a few of the guests this last week.


As we continue our journey down stream the building team at Luangwa River Camp are going great guns although there were a few delays to proceedings with a pride of lions hanging out at camp for a few days then killing a buffalo just behind which was rather exciting for everyone there.

Back at base – Nkwali – well as previously mentioned the game viewing has also been rather splendid. In camp the ebony trees are fruiting so the elephants are hanging out and feasting which gives some great daytime sightings from the comfort of the bar.

So from a whistle stop tour of the Luangwa where we are all rather cold and the animals are all puffed up to try to keep as much heat in as possible I shall bid you all farewell for another week.

Stay well and have fun.




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