It’s Monday 12th April 2010 and Pumulani re-opened

This week we hear from Luke and Bettina, the managers of Pumulani.

Over to Bettina & Luke at Pumulani….

We have been well rested after a break for the rainy season and everybody was ready to go. Pumulani reopened on the 1st of April just in time for a busy Easter weekend.

Pumulani staff, Robin Pope Safaris, Lake Malawi, MalawiLake Malawi, Malawi

The gardeners and Mr. Roy’s maintenance team have been hard at work to ensure the grounds are looking meticulous. The rains of the last few months have turned Pumulani into a plush jungle like oasis with lots of trees gleaming. Different shades of green and the deep blue of Lake Malawi as far as the eye can see what a relaxing treat to a busy mind.

Pumulani Dhow, Lake Malawi, MalawiPumulani Dhow, Lake Malawi, Malawi

Our sailing dhow has been oiled, the old ropes replaced and the local carpenter Green has been in to give it the final touches and is ready again for our popular sunset cruises. Captain Luckio himself supervising the work on his ship from atop of the mast. As many of know Luckio shimmies up and down the mast in seconds and feels very much at home high in the blustering wind.

pied kingfisher, Lake Malawi, Malawi

Glynn our excellent guide has been to the Luangwa Valley for some more training with the RPS guides this side and to see how things work in our camps there. It was a great experience for him and he enjoyed the bush a lot. We arrived at Nkwali to find that Jacob had taken Glynn under his wing….After some weeks Glynn returned to Malawi, feeling a little homesick and longing for some tasty Malawian fish despite Jacobs attempts to show him the delicacies of the Luangwa River. One can find Glynn at the beach helping kids to catch Malawi’s favourite fish, the big “chambo” that gather beneath the shade of the dhow, paddling in a kayak looking for malachite kingfishers amongst the reeds of the lakeshore, snorkelling in the so-called Aquarium or in his favourite position behind the wheel of the speed boat.

Kayaking on Lake Malawi, MalawiPumulani, Robin Pope Safaris, Lake Malawi, Malawi

On our recent kayaking trips along the lake shore we were delighted to admire weaver nests and the male birds doing courtship rituals. Did you know that the female birds choose their mating partner by how good his nest building abilities are. The fish eagles have started nesting again so watch this space.

Malachite Kingfisher, Lake Malawi, Malawi

Apart from excellent bird sightings we have recently encountered a good deal of nocturnal animals wandering around the lodge such as a resident genet by the restaurant, a porcupine couple and a rock hyrax family living near our beach bar between two huge boulders. We are also happy to see that the otters sometime pop in just in time for sundowners bobbing across in the front of the beach as they move towards the reeds at dusk.

Pumulani, Lake MalawiPumulani infinity pool, Lake Malawi

The stunning views from our tranquil villas hidden amongst the vegetation or the peaceful beach bar beneath the shady mango trees to paddling on the smooth lake on a kayak at dusk or maybe sipping an ice cold G&T on the dhow after a busy day snorkelling. “Ku Pumula” in Cichewa, the local language, means to rest or relax and that’s exactly what starts to happen to you in Pumulani. As Pumulani regular Sonja from Germany put it after her recent trip at Easter:  “our time at Pumulani was absolutely amazing. We were there for three days and felt like we had been away for three weeks…”

All the best from the lake

Bettina & Luke

So, back to the South Luangwa. Simon is going up to Tena Tena, this week to start the process of camp opening (Tena Tena and Nsefu both open on 22 May).

I wish you all the best for the week.



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