It’s Monday 12th June 2006 and Keyala Reporting

It’s Monday 12th June 2006 and Keyala Reporting

Keyala here this week.

a I got back from my trip to Shoebill a couple of weeks ago. We had a fantastic trip and one of the highlights was definitely our stop in the Bangweulu Swamps. We were lucky enough to see several shoebill and Tony Bennett managed to get a great shot. As anyone who has been on this trip with me before will know, I am not good in small planes. As you can see for the picture I am looking a little apprehensive – but have now learnt that drugs are the way to go – well travel sickness pills I mean of course!

After the search for shoebills we moved on to Kasanka National Park – here we saw about eight sitatunga from the hide. We then went for a picnic up to Luwombwa Camp – where we were almost eaten alive by tsetse flies on the way up. Once we arrive though it was super. After lunch we had a boat trip and saw a half collared kingfisher.

Hippo Next stop was the Lower Zambezi and Chongwe River Camp. I have not been to this area since 2001 when we took guests down to experience the eclipse. This time we saw lots of elies and the main bird we were looking for was the goliath heron – we managed to see it on our last boat trip – this made Barry’s day!

night jar We had started our trip at Nkwali and had great gameviewing. We took the group on a picnic up to the Nsefu sector – this was just before the camps were open up there and the road was not great. The guests thought we were heading for Mozambique as it took us so long to reach out final spot…Tony took a couple of great photos – the wide mouthed hippo and you can really see how well camouflaged the night jar is against the laterite on the road.

Tom Savage came to stay with us in April and he has sent some great photos too. Here are a selection – dark chanting goshawk, gaint kingfisher (male) with a small catfish in his mouth, and then some beautiful landscape shots.

againt kingfisher (male) with a small catfishLandscapesky

More recently, I had a most amazing evening gamedrive. After sundowners on Chichele Hill, we went to Chichele Plain, where we spotted a male leopard. Unfortunately, I was concentrating rather too much on the leopard and managed to drive into a hole such that I had to use the jack to get us out again. However, the leopard was rather close so first I needed to make quite a lot of movement to get the leopard to move away! After getting the vehicle out of hole, we carried on doing the night drive and came across a female leopard dragging a dead baboon.

We watched her for about ten minutes then a male came and chased her up a tree, where they started fighting over the baboon – resulting in the baboon being dropped out of the tree. The male finally came down from the tree and took possession of the baboon. As he was dragging it away from the female leopard, a lioness appeared on the scene and started chasing him. However, he managed to keep hold of his baboon and get back up the tree with his prize. Pretty amazing game viewing – and hopefully the guest had forgotten my slight driving error by then!

Hope you all have a good week

Bye for now


Rhino in pen PS from Kim– I was lucky enough to go up and see the second 5 rhinos being delivered to north park – amazing day – Rhinos eye here are a couple of shots which I managed to get of the ones which Robin witnessed arriving a few days earlier. I hasten to add that there was a fence between us but still I was very close!

And finally a shot of the Luangwa River at sunset from the plane on the way home.


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