It’s Monday 12th May 2008 and a random selection of stories

It’s Monday 12th May 2008 and a random selection of stories

I’d like to start off by saying what a fantastic response we had from last week’s newsletter – there were many responses asking how to donate, pledging about US$4,000. We have also recently received some fantastic school supplies – lots of educational (and fun) games and the eternally essential books, pens and pencils. So a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has donated. We do still have a little way to go, so in order to make it easier to donate I’ve included the links to the Kawaza website.

In addition, we have decided to up the ante – anyone who is able to donate $5,000 or more will have a locally made wooden plaque on our donor’s wall at Kawaza Basic School.

Young girl at  Katapilla playing with a skipping ropeAnother super fun toy - it's amazing how fast the students pick up a  new game

So what else has been going on this past week? There have been quite a diverse selection of events …
The wild dogs graced us with their presence, consuming lots, getting fat, blocking roads and causing general chaos. It was the Luwi pack, one of last years big packs, so the AWDC Team has been spending time identifying all of the members; especially the puppies from 2007 who didn’t have complete id kits. True to form, after organising the vet for another collaring session, the dogs disappeared and their tracks were last seen heading north along the 05 road. Hopefully we’ll catch up with them next month when we open up the Mobile Walking Safaris on the Mupamadzi River. The AWDC team has a new project manager – Matt Becker, who has studied various endangered species across the globe including North America, Antarctica and Africa. More information about African Wild Dog Conservation can be found at their website

Matt Becker - project manager of AWDCBig bellied wild dogs

We have had a great group of guests in the past week – a real mix of cultures, age and interests. Alex, who has been regular guest for many years found, in broad daylight a giant eagle owl consuming a recently killed genet – quite bizarre considering that they are both nocturnal animals. Alex was joined by Rosemary and Peter for an all day picnic with Robin. They had a great laugh and Rosemary was very impressed with Robin (and Alex’s) knowledge of everything bush. Rosemary and Peter used to live in Zambia and explore the bush themselves and they were surprised by all the information that came hurtling to the foreground of their memories. Throughout the day they felt as though they were in a children’s picture book – looking out over a lagoon with the bright green backdrop and blue sky and the plain dotted with a variety of antelope, giraffe and zebra. There was also a chance encounter with a lioness who was communicating loudly with the rest of her pride. On the way home in the semi-darkness, a dark shape dashed across the road and the baboons started going crazy. Jackson (the ZAWA game scout) was convinced that it was a leopard, but the jury is still out. Peter has nicknamed it the “spotless leopard”.

Young male lion yawningZebra

Another strange sight was seen by Bertram and his guests. They were on the hunt for what they could find and came round the corner to find a ground hornbill shaking and dancing. They couldn’t quite work out what this strange behaviour was so, not unlike the mystery gang in Scooby doo, they decided to take a closer look and found the ground hornbill tucking into a weaver chick! A sight that our guides have never seen before.

Crowned  cranesA random photo of  hippo

That’s all the random stories for this week!


Baobab sunset

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