It’s Monday 12th November 2007 and Nsefu closes with a bang!

It’s Monday 12th November 2007 and Nsefu closes with a bang!

Nsefu closed with quite a bang this year … of the leopard variety … the last guests to stay seemed to see more leopard than they did giraffe or zebra! Our regular visitors Grahame and Anne Cousins and Chris Bourlay had introduced 4 friends to the Luangwa, and what an introduction it was …

Parading Leopard It all started on the transfer from the airport … they spotted a leopard in the headlights, but it disappeared into the bush pretty quick smart.

The following morning, during morning tea break, they heard the baboons making alarm calls and after a little bit of tracking they found a leopard coming down from a tree and parading beautifully along the river bank.

Further into the drive they found a young puku stashed in a tree, with no leopard nearby.  However on returning later that evening they caught a leopard coming back for a second helping of dinner.

Then our one eyed leopard (Kataba) made a quick appearance whilst stalking some prey …

The following morning they had just parked under a lovely shade tree for morning tea … and Grahame jumped out first along with Daudi … accompanied with comments along the lines of; “just check to make sure there’s nothing out there” … when Daudi opened the back of the landcruiser it woke a leopard, who promptly fell out of the tree right next to the car before shooting off into the undergrowth! We’re not sure who got more of a fright – the leopard, Grahame or Daudi!

LeopardLeopard eating

Leopard and baby impala Can you believe they saw more?

Well they managed to find another leopard looking for a drink along a river bed

… and then after popping into Tena Tena for a quick visit, The Cousins & Friends came across a large male who had just downed a baby impala (still alive) and he proceeded to play a game of cat and mouse with it. Luckily this didn’t last too long and the leopard and impala disappeared into a thicket for the final act.

It’s not over yet …

Leopard advancing along branchLeopard

Python That evening they followed a leopard up a tree and manouvered the landcruiser under an overhanging branch. The leopard appeared to take an avid interest in the vehicle and started advancing along branch (going over the car) whilst looking down intently at them, so the guide retreated and once they were no longer under the tree, the leopard turned its back, sat down and started started grooming nonchalantly!

On their transfer to Nkwali some impala barking alerted them, and Braston used his infamous cat finding skills to find two leopards coming down from a tree and elegantly disappearing into he bush…

On their last night they also had a fantastic sighting of a python just on the side of the road ….

So all in all another stunning safari in the South Luangwa Valley. Thanks to Donald Woods for all the photos. We look forward to catching up next week!


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Sunset over the Luangwa River

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