It’s Monday 12th September 2005 and the Flying Baboon

Ross had some amazing luck last week, which goes to show that some of the best gameviewing can actually be from the Tena Tena bar!  Charles Jere, one of the bedroom attendants was busy washing glasses after lunch, when he saw a crocodile take a baboon from the bank right in front of the kitchen.  Charles told Ross about what he had seen and Ross imagined that being a large Crocodile and the baboon being relatively small, that would be the end of the story.

Crocodile and the baboonCrocodile and the baboon

Not so! After the guests had gone out on their afternoon gamedrives, Ross was at the bar and heard a splash over the bank. The crocodile was “playing” with his kill, Ross always has his camera with him and fired off a series of shots and managed to capture the baboon in mid air being tossed by the croc. The final photo was the croc finishing the baboon off with just the limbs showing. I hasten to add that although the shots look quite gruesome, the baboon was well and truly dead by this stage.

Crocodile and the baboon

Continuing in the Nsefu sector, Vaughan and Chris Williams sent us the wonderful shot of a new lion cub playing with Mum’s tail. Taken when they were staying at Nsefu. Ross also caught some cubs in the Tena area who managed to actually climb inside the buffalo kill that the larger members of the pride brought down.

shot of a new lion cub playing with Mum’s tailCubs climbing inside the buffalo kill

The eland are back at Tena’s first ebony grove and we are hoping that they will stick around for a while. They should be here until the first rains when they will disappear to the back country when water is available. At the moment they are very skittish but should relax around the vehicles as they get more used to them.  Guests were also treated to 2 of the big five in one frame. A wonderful sighting of elephants and buffalo drinking at Big Bend. The herds of buffalo and elephants are really starting to congregate at the river and remaining lagoons and we are expecting the great gameviewing to continue.

Elandelephants and buffalo

two hippos fighting Finally, we received a shot from Virginia Pursell who was walking near Nkwali recently when the group came across two hippos fighting. This went on for a while, resulting in a series of lovely shots. We have chosen one to end our report this week.

That’s it from me here in the bush. I am hoping to move back into my house this week. It is being re thatched and the guys have put a large porch on the front for me. I am so looking forward to hanging up my hammock and watching the world go by from this shady spot. All I will be missing is a gorgeous man to keep me supplied with champagne and grapes! All applications welcome…

Stay well and have a great week.

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