It’s Monday 12th September 2011 and some bits and bobs

Hello again and happy September – here we are just still slightly amazed at how quickly the season is scooting past. Already we are starting to think ahead for the rains – making sure that all umbrellas are ready to pounce into action should they be needed and all the raincoats have been located and dusted off. I fully realize that it is slightly early to be planning these things and I think the reason being is that we are already driving across the river which I always find massively exciting, plus winter is definitely over and the fleeces have been packed away for another 6 months. Last night as I climbed into bed I noticed that the temperature was still 27 C so the duvet was not required with the usual urgencies of nights gone by.

Weather aside, let’s get you all up to speed with what has been happening here over the last couple of weeks. Tales of snares are always a slightly dismal ones to recount, however, sometimes these occurrences do come to light. Last week Nyambe was out on a game drive up in the Nsefu Sector of the National Park and came across a lioness with a rather unsightly snare and wound around her neck. Quick thinking, he got on the radio to us down here in the main office, and Rachel from SLCS was contacted, as well as the team from the Carnivore Project (aka wild dogs!) and they were up there in a flash. Rachel and her team darted the lioness and removed the snare as well as cleaning up the wound whilst the rest of the team kept a beady eye out for any disgruntled family members, the anaesthetic was reversed and everyone sat in the safety of their cars whilst the lioness groggily got back up on her feet and in a drunken state wandered off. So a success story all round but that was quite simply not enough for this lioness as in her new found comfort she decided to show off with the rest of her girlies the following morning and killed puku right in front of Tena – back on track and ready to go with no side effects from the experience.

Staying up in the Nsefu sector the game continues to perform to quite extraordinary levels. The Carmine Bee-Eaters are in and thrilling all avid birders with their beauty. The giraffe are often seen down by the river taking awkward looking sips as they fold up their long lanky legs and attempt to lower themselves to drinking level. The lions up at Nsefu are thriving as their coalition of males are protecting them with great success, and then a couple of days ago the guests had a rare but fleeting glimpse of a female leopard taking a stroll with her extremely tiny and very fluffy cub.


Down at Nkwali things have also been far from quiet and we have had rather frequent sightings of wild dogs over the last couple of weeks which for this time of the year is rather rare and a major bonus. There has also been some pretty fabulous game viewing had by all from the bar with a plethora of plains game coming down the river bank to take a sip from the river as well as buffalo, giraffe and elephant on a regular basis. Some guests hit the nail on the head the other night as they decided to stay in camp for a second night running purely because the game viewing from the bar whilst sitting on a soft comfy chair and sipping on an ice cold gin and tonic was as successful as going out into the park. They were slightly spoilt as they also caught a glimpse of a leopard whilst in their state of relaxation! I have to say though I don’t blame them – Jo and Robin were up at the weekend, which was great, and a few of us went over to their house, cooler boxes packed ready for an excursion into the park for a little bit of a picnic. We only got as far as their front porch as, why move when you have 50 odd elephants literally on your doorstep drinking, bathing and having various family altercations.

Wild Dogbuffalo


So, a quick dash around the Luangwa with our news for this week – hope that everyone is well and having fun.

Have a good week.




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