It’s Monday 13th April 2009 and Global

It’s Monday 13th April 2009 and Global

Fiona has now left us for Lusaka to continue her teaching career. I will certainly miss her. So the responsibility of your weekly news it back with me. I have been away in the UK for two weeks to find out more about the realities of “global”. This phrase came from a conversation with a local truck driver who was delivering bricks for our new garden a month ago….as follows….

boating on the Luangwa Rivera very full Luangwa River

Jo (making conversation as the labourers were off loading) – “So, has the recession effected your business?”
Driver – some answer about the weather, clearly he did not understand the question.
Jo – “Has the downturn made a difference?”
Driver – again an unrelated answer
Then he looked at me with a serious face and said “Has global effected RPS?”.

Global – great expression. So I tested it out on the Baldwin, our local bank manager.
“Has global effected you Baldwin?” I asked.
“Global has effected everyone” was the answer.

Luangwa Safari House deck at high waterLuangwa Safari House deck two weeks later

When I left for the UK the river was very high. Water was flowing over our road at the back, the river was up to the second step at Nkwali bar and the deck at the Luangwa House was only a couple of feet above the water level. Two weeks later I come back to find the plug has been pulled and there are now sandbanks everywhere – and it is easier to see the crocs and even a new born hippo! Again I am reminded of how spectacular it is to live next to a river that has no man interference.

crocodile on the banks of the Luangwa RiverVery young hippo by the Luangwa River

And during my absence the season changed – we are no longer in the rains but definitely in the “camp building months”. The impala have started to rut, the cape turtle doves are calling incessantly and the chill of winter is in the air. Fresh days with blue blue skies.

I always ask on my return from a trip – “how has the game viewing been?”

Well – madness in that department. Jacob saw 9 leopard sightings in 3 days with the Hill Family and his leopard luck continues with the new family. They saw a mother and a cub on their first drive – only half a kilometer from the Luangwa House. They ended up turning around and having sundowners at the house as they had not gone further than that when G&T time came. There has also been a pride of 5 lions near camp – between RoJo (our house) and the Luangwa House. They have been viewed daily since their arrival. Sadly no photos of any of the above for you.

male impala ruttingEmma meets Robert the warthog

Simon took Emma out for a drive. Often the hostess/caterer/assistant manager (we have never quite sorted out the title) hears about the amazing viewing for weeks on end without getting into the bush so Emma had a great day out. The chicks of the recently breeding birds are growing fast and they spotted a family of crowned cranes. The animals in general are in peak condition after the rains and fresh grass. Emma met Robert the warthog (tame as he was hand reared!) and saw her first python. Always a very exciting view.

crowned crane familypython

And yesterday was Easter Sunday. The Easter Bunny (chocolate version) hopped onto our bed with a cup of tea first thing. Robin and I take Sundays off and we had a day at home – very domesticated (still a novelty for us as we have spent 20 years focusing on the camps). Robin spent the entire day trying to get a new aerial to work (and failed) and I gardened. Boy am I stiff today. I take my hat off to all you gardeners. It is hard work.

 Robin putting up the arielJo gardening

So Happy Easter and until next week…..

sunset over the Luangwa River

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