It’s Monday 13th August 2007 and the Kawaza School Fund

It’s Monday 13th August 2007 and the Kawaza School Fund

It has been a busy couple of months for the Kawaza School Fund and Reforest Nsefu projects. Many of you email in asking for news so here it is…

And please read at least to….”so here is my exciting idea”

Teachers houses …

Starting a teachers houseteachers house

We have started work on our 5 year building project, the first teachers house at Kawaza has now been finished and work is about to start on the 2nd house at Kawaza and the house at Nsefu, both of these should be finished by the beginning of September.


Grass classroomGrass classroom

Work is now starting on the classroom block for Nsefu Basic School. When complete, Nsefu School will have gone from 5 to 8 classrooms and they will then start grade 8. A big leap from the sad school that Jo first found a couple of years ago. The last project we have slated for this year is a classroom block at Kapita Community School. Kapita was established in late 2005 and they now have 6 classes (more than 200 students!!). They are currently holding classes in the storeroom that was built last year and a grass thatched structure, the classroom block will mean big changes at the school and is one of the first steps to getting Kapita approved as a government school. The community members who look after the school are going to build a teacher’s house this year which will allow them to get a government trained teacher in January 2008.

The new community school, Katapilla, has now opened. The community worked very hard to get a classroom built and they are now running two nursery classes, with 90 students. They will start Grade 1 classes in January.

The response from the community has been overwhelming. They have clearly realized that we are determined to help get their kids through school and so are now contributing to the development of these fledgling schools enthusiastically. These community schools came about after Jo was told that nearly 1000 kids in the Chiefdom were turned away from Nsefu and Kawaza in 2005 due to the lack of spaces.

Reforest Nsefu….

Holding sapplingsconservation training

We launched our Reforest Nsefu project in July, with the first planting of 220 trees. The seedlings included fruit trees, fast growing indigenous trees (which are used for firewood, building, etc), and slow growing indigenous trees (which can be used for timber in the future). The first planting went very well, Kawaza Basic School planted a hundred trees and the rest were distributed to community members who attended the trainings. We had two fantastic trainers, Donald and Whiteson from Chunyu Nursery, who taught the attendees about conservation, uses of the different trees, and how to plant and maintain them.

Reforest Nsefu is our effort toward offsetting the carbon we produce as a company and also helping to reduce the effects of deforestation in the rural areas. We hope that through continued efforts we will become a carbon neutral company.


We are still trying to raise money to complete all the building projects for this year. You can now donate online in the States (click to donate in USA), and our online donation facility in the UK will be set up by the end of the week and I will include a link in next week’s Its Monday. The UK donation system will be able to process donation in GBP, Euros, and USD. In the meantime, click here for info on how to donate in the UK.

So here is my exciting idea……If everyone who reads this newsletter donates GBP 15 or USD 25, we will have enough money to reach our goals this year! How about it?!

wheelchair for Mwila Phiri

Lastly, we want to say a huge thank you to all you generous people that have already donated. We have already accomplished a lot this year and your contributions make it possible for us to make these improvements at the schools and to make a huge difference in the lives of the students. In addition to all the wonderful school supplies we receive from guests (which always go over very well with the schools!) we have also received specific donations to install solar panels at Nsefu school, repair and reinstall the panels at Kawaza School (which were mildly damaged when the roof blew off last year), 8 bicycles for the schools and a home based care project, and a new wheelchair for Mwila Phiri. And now, thanks to Rotary International, each of the 4 schools will have a new borehole by the beginning of September.

bicycles for the schools

Thank you again to all of our supporters and make sure to keep up to date with all of the Kawaza news on



Duncan Chulu
PS. We want to say a big congratulations to Duncan Chulu who has been chosen for a scholarship to attend a community college in Michigan. Duncan will have all of his expenses paid and will live with the kind people who arranged this scholarship for him.

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