It’s Monday 13th December 2010 and the brightest star celebration

Thank you very much for all guests that submitted such great photographs, for our annual wildlife photo competition. We had a great response from everyone. This week I’ll have the very nice job of going through them all and sorting them out. In the next couple of weeks the winner will be announced!

This week we hear from Bettina and Luke, the managers of Pumulani, who after two seasons hosting guests as friends, are (re) turning to the origins. Native of Zambia, Luke, has always been a “bush boy”. All their life dedicated to this industry, they are both looking forward to getting into the bush and managing Tena Tena in the next season. Over to them:

With the year coming to an end it is time again for some news from Malawi. Here at the lake the rains have started and literally within a week turned the dry landscape into a lush green oasis. What a spectacular scene! The villagers in our surrounding villages in Kassankha Bay are busy preparing their fields for planting and we are getting ready for the festive season with plenty of celebrations coming up.

Everyone has been looking forward to it for weeks and it has been the talk of the lodge…This week we will be hosting our traditional Pumulani staff Christmas party at the beach with a sumptuous barbecue with goat, chickens, sausages and some fun and games like kayak relay race, apple bobbing, sack race, egg & spoon and much more, watch this space for more news!

We are also happy to welcome our office team from Lilongwe including our busy bees from reservations, and accounting as well as the marketing department, who will be coming up to the lake for their Christmas celebrations and to get some R&R, escaping their offices for some fun in the sun. There is no better place than the Pumulani beach for a nice braai and get-together.

Our guests usually spend the last few days of their Africa holidays here at Pumulani to get some rest after a “hectic” safari in Zambia or other parts of Southern Africa. They enjoy the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere on the shores of Lake Malawi and the abundance of activities that we offer such as our popular snorkelling trip, birding walk, village experience or the sunset dhow trip but most of all they are astounded by the extraordinary warmth of the Malawian people.

It is definitely not just a slogan that Malawi is the warm heart of Africa, the proof really lies in the pudding! The friendliness and outstanding hospitality of the Malawian people is a common theme in all the feedback that we get from our guests day in day out. As one of our guests wrote in the guestbook: “Pumulani is indeed the brightest star of the lake because of you all”. So we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much to the entire Pumulani team for the good work you do all year round! Zikomo kwambiri! Keep it up!!

Apart from the stunning views over Lake during the day time we quite often find guests admiring the star lit sky at night. They often comment that with the light pollution in Europe you hardly ever get to see the stars. Well, it is definitely different here at the Lake of stars and we have good news for those who love the sky at night. We are happy to announce that as of next season we will be able to offer a new night time activity for star lovers. Our new star gazer will enable guests to have a great view of the stars in the Southern Hemisphere like Scorpio, the Southern Cross, Orion just to name a few. This new gadget even offers the possibility to attach a digital SLR camera. We will keep you updated!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all of us at Pumulani. Looking forward to seeing you next year!!!

Bettina & Luke and the entire Pumulani Team

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