It’s Monday 13th September and magical Zambia

This week I would like to speak briefly about a plight that affects both Project Luangwa and Chipembele Wildlife Educational Trust.

Kawaza SchoolKawaza School

Project Luangwa, the charity founded by Jo Pope, Robin Pope Safaris and five other Safari Lodges has, as you probably all know by now, taken over the management of The Kawaza School Fund as well as that of several other projects. However it is not the only charity working in South Luangwa; another is the Chipembele Wildlife Educational Trust whose field is educating local children about conservation. With similar aims, the two charities often work closely together.

Kawaza SchoolKawaza School

Just recently Chipembele was offered 10,000 brand new large format hardback Oxford English Dictionaries – yes, ten thousand, you did read it correctly – and approached Project Luangwa to see if we could jointly find a way of shipping at least some of them to Zambia. English is the official teaching medium in Zambian schools but is the second language of the local people, who speak Chinyanja as their first. Many pupils struggle with English and this is often shown in their exam results. So you can imagine the benefit of a good English dictionary. Between the two charities we aim to give a dictionary to every Secondary School Pupil and all the teachers in the Mfuwe area to help with their work, general education, class performance and exam success. Just imagine – every child at secondary school with a dictionary.

Kawaza SchoolKawaza School

Of course getting them here is easy. You just arrange shipping and hey presto, some weeks later they will appear in Lusaka. Then all you have to do is get them through customs and sort your transport to Mfuwe. Time consuming but not impossible.

Unfortunately all this costs money. Although we have been offered a discount on the shipping it will still cost about £500 to get 1000 out to Mfuwe. This is just 50p a dictionary – not bad for one that retails at £50 each. Together Chipembele and Project Luangwa hope to be able to be able to import at least 2000 dictionaries. But we’re up against time – we have just until the end of September to raise the money or we lose the books. If you would like to help we’ve made it easy for you by using a joint Chipemebele/Project Luangwa Dictionaries Appeal Just Giving page.

Back to the bush; Amanda, Jon, Lucy and Natasha Steeds are back home after their holiday with us in the last week of August. Here’s a hilarious moment they shared with us:

“We have recently returned from an absolutely fantastic stay in two of your camps: Nsefu and Nkwali. When at Nsefu, we had a hilarious encounter with a couple of elephants who wandered through the camp and had a good look in the bar – one of them splashing Daudi with a smattering of mud for good measure!

Elephant at Nsefu barElephant at Nsefu bar

I took some photos and promised Daudi I would email them to him – for “It’s Monday” so here they are.

We can’t say it enough times, but thank you to ALL at Robin Pope Safaris for a totally magical time in Zambia, and particularly to Daudi, Braston and the rest of the team at Nsefu, and to Kiki, Prince and all at Nkwali…I don’t want to leave any names out because everybody, without exception, was so kind, so helpful, so polite, so friendly, so warm, and yet so professional, they made our time there so very special. We loved every minute and (we don’t say this about many places) we would return like a shot tomorrow if we could.”

Thank You Amanda and family for sharing all this with us.

Have a wonderful week.

Kawaza School Kids

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