It’s Monday 14th April 2008 and Robin’s long legged blonde

It’s Monday 14th April 2008 and Robin’s long legged blonde

Jo arrived back in Zambia last Tuesday and is now settling back in. There was a little anxiety over the very long journey and how she would navigate the new terminal 5 on a pair of crutches. Luckily we found out (before the flight) that the plane was actually leaving from Terminal 4 and Jo organised wheel chair service, therefore avoiding any long hikes on her precious new knees.

The operation has gone very well and Jo is super excited about her new knees. I’m not going to go into any detail of the operation as it’s not for the faint hearted, but Jo certainly has a couple of impressive scars to show for her efforts. According to her doctor she probably has a pair of the top 10 knees in Britain. Robin has started calling Jo his long legged blonde! There are many exercises Jo has to do to strengthen the knees – all with the aim of dancing on tables in a few months time. With this goal in mind, she has joined the ranks of sensible soled ladies – she has to have enough support on her ankles to make sure she stays upright. Now that she is home the recovery progress should go even faster.

Robin and his long legged blondeEveryone is smitten with Cas

On Sunday we had a welcome home dinner for Jo with a fabulous braai at ROJO. We were joined by our our directors and their new baby. This is the first RPS baby and everyone (including the boys) are quite taken with him. Marko also entertained us with some beautiful piano playing (I even joined in with a couple of easy duets which did lower the quality of playing a little, but I hope no one was too disappointed).

This past week we have had a professional photographer (Marcus Wilson-Smith) updating our brochure shots. There was an exciting braai on the beach which was threatened by an imminent thunderstorm. Luckily the rainstorm passed before the guests turned up. Kat, Emily and Conor spent the day at Luangwa House yesterday getting everything ready. The elephants even joined in the party. As any of you who have read Gerald Durrell’s books will know – animals rarely cooperate when a camera is around. So it was a big relief that the eles graced us with their presence and posed so beautifully.

Baby eles  playingDramatic braai

Back to our usual work side of things – guests and game viewing! Jacob took his guests from Luangwa Safari House on a picnic and had quite an interesting day. Before lunch they went on a walk to stretch their legs. Looking up they saw lots of vultures and followed them to their source – a dead giraffe. Reading the signs it looked like it was killed by lions and once they had their fill, the hyenas had moved in and now it was left for the vultures to clean it all up. Later on they also came across a dead impala that may have been mauled by a leopard, escaped and then not survived its injuries. They also found three bateleur eagles scavenging on a guinea-fowl. Jacob thinks it was probably killed by tawny eagle as there was one circling above the scene (and the large size of the guinea fowl). I’m not sure how hungry everyone was after their walk of death.

Giraffe and vulturesTawney eagle

Our Emerald Season Photographic Competition has a month and half left before its deadline. If you fancy a free stay at the fabulous Pumulani please email your photos taken this Emerald Season (max 50, 100kb size limit). For more details please visit our Emerald season offers page.

Cheers for now
The beautifully posing eles

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