It’s Monday 14th August 2006 and the Nsefu gameviewing

It’s Monday 14th August 2006 and the Nsefu gameviewing

‘Kataba’ (the one-eyed leopard) Ok, so I know I don’t work at Nsefu anymore but I can’t stop myself from sneaking over occasionally. Though there are many reasons why I miss the Nsefu area anyone who knows me and those who I have guided over the last three years knows that my main motivation might be ‘Kataba’ (the one-eyed leopard). Last year we left her days after giving birth with never having the time to find her cubs. Unfortunately, though earlier in the season she seemed to be suckling, she no longer appears to be at the moment, but she is still well and healthy and giving guests their money’s worth in incredible sightings when she can be tracked down.

Nsefu area has been productive as always with such great diversity of game and of course the incredible stork colony which is in use until mid July or so. According to Robin it has been there ever since he first visited the area (many moons ago) and still about 500 pairs of yellow billed storks nest there every year. It is not only about watching hundreds of storks fly in to regurgitate food to feed their young, the sheer noise of at least 1000 storks, but there is a whole lot of other action too. storksFrom martial eagles and white-headed vultures grabbing young storks out of the nest to marabou storks and fish eagles stealing food (literally) right out of the mouth of the young storks when the adults return with beaks full. There is never a dull moment and you could sit and watch for hours as long as you can stand the racket and slight stench (best to park up wind).


The Nsefu lion pride has been excellent value this year. Finally, they have cubs which look like they may make it (they have managed to either get their cubs lost or killed for the last three years). The male though, like last year, still steals all their kills but seems happy to share them with his cubs.

lion cubcubs playing

They have made a number of kills recently or is it just that Dr Death (Paul Deniger) has been staying at Nsefu. Usually guests give their wish list of sighting to us but when Dr D is in the vehicle they seem to give it to him instead – though we have found out that even after some 18 visits to SLNP he is still unable to tell an elephant shrew from a leopard as it was an elephant shrew that the guests ordered not three leopard sightings in one night!

cub and male lionmale and cubs eating
baby giraffe

I think the sighting in the Nsefu area so far this year that made us all smile the most, is this new giraffe calf just behind Nsefu camp. It has the funniest face and runs around swinging its legs in all directions and finds the vehicle incredibly fascinating

So thanks to all the guides at Nsefu (especially Daudi) who tolerate me sneaking though the Nsefu area every now and then. It is not that I don’t love the Tena area but there is only one ‘Kataba’.

That’s it from me at Tena,

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