It’s Monday 14th July 2008 and Tena Tena’s New Residents

It’s Monday 14th July 2008 and Tena Tena’s New Residents

Kat, the manager at Tena Tena, has just a few days off so we were catching up with all the happenings from the north.

It seems that the Tena Tena family is growing – the wire-tailed swallows are back nesting in the crux of the bar tent pole. At the end of last season the Tena Tena team had to delay bringing down the tent, as the fledglings had yet to leave the nest. Kat and the team think the same couple returned. The nest is built, and they are currently feathering the inside ready for egg laying, so hopefully the family will have grown in a couple of weeks.

Wire-tailed swallowChameleon

Another unusual resident has made his (her?) abode in the trees just above the car park – a lovely chameleon who observes all the comings and goings of camp. As Kat is improving her photography skills, the chameleon provides a willing subject for her experiments.

Not that you could call these kings’ of the jungle residents of Tena, but lions seem to be including the camp in their Kingdom. They have been causing great amusement to guests and staff alike. Just around sundowners time a pride walked past between the tents and lagoon. A few days later they decided to visit their subjects. Two lions announced their imminent arrival from behind the island. One lioness appeared on the other side of the lagoon, casually walked past the dining room while the guests were enjoying French onion soup. A few moments later she returned accompanied by two more. One of the guests, Glyn, commented that BBQs in the back garden will never be the same again! Despite the camp being flanked by lions on both sides, everyone slept well.

Lions  walking byThe beautiful and shy eland

In the greater Tena Tena area guests have been seeing Pel’s fishing owls as well as the beautiful but shy eland (one of my favourite antelopes). Whilst on a walk the guests were enjoying the teachings of Masumba (of the sights and sounds of the bush), when he spotted 3 leopards together relaxing by the river. A rare sight for anyone – not everyone gets to say they have seen a leap of leopards.

Leopard near TenaPel's Fishing Owl

We have also had a new addition to the Nkwali game viewing area – wild dog puppies!  The former Luwi pack alpha female lost her mate last year, leaving just her and their offspring. This year the alpha female and a daughter met up with three unknown males and have begun raising a family.  Denning began just over three weeks ago and the pups have recently emerged, with the AWDC team monitoring their progress, as well as obtaining individual identifications of each new pack addition through photos and drawings of the pups around the den.  The den is remote and relatively inaccessible, but the adult dogs will be busy for the next couple months and have been observed hunting down along the floodplains, working hard to obtain enough food for all the hungry little mouths!

Wild dog  puppies exploringTiny puppy looking for milk

Have a fabulous week!

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