It’s Monday 14th November 2005 and the rains have arrived

The rains have arrived!! We have had some fantastic big rainstorms over the last week, which have had an amazing affect on our surroundings with the dramatic build-up of the large black clouds, the fresh green covering of grass on the ground, the new leaf on the bushes and trees and the spectacular emergence of the lilies that break ground after the first rains. Fortunately the camps managed to get everything packed up and stored away for next season before getting totally soaked!!

large black clouds  emergence of the lilies

Things are starting to calm down here with most of the caterers heading off either home or on their travels and it is a bit of a shock to the system having had everyone hanging around Nkwali, finishing up their packing lists and inventories for Tena Tena and Nsefu, to just a select few who remain behind for the rains. As you can imagine there have been some fairly large send off parties and a few sore heads rolling around camp over the last week.

large send off partybreakfast in the bush

One of the parting wishes from some of the departing staff was for all of us to go out on a sunrise drive and have a breakfast in the bush (thankfully this drive did not take place after one of our leaving parties!!). Breakfast in the bush it was and what a drive as well. In the 2 hours that we were out in the park we saw almost everything on the big game front as well as great sightings of some of the birds including this fantastic Martial Eagle, who was eyeing up a guineafowl, a lovely little spotted flycatcher – a migratory little chap that has just arrived – and a couple of sightings of the cuckoos whose calls are becoming more and more noticeable around the place.

Martial Eaglespotted flycatcher

One of the other fantastic occurrences at this time of the year is the emergence of all of the wonderful butterflies – a personal favourite of mine. With a lot of the trees and bushes coming into bloom, all the little pools of water and the damp earth around we see an abundance of butterflies. butterflybutterfly The butterfly larvae, the caterpillars, have a fresh crop of leaves to feed on and as adults there is no shortage of food and water and we regularly see good sightings of these beautiful creatures in a range of places, from flowers to damp soil, from drinking at the little pools of water to congregating on steaming piles of Elephant dung!

Have a good week.

Cheers for now,

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