It’s Monday 15th August 2011 and news from Nsefu

Well it has been some time since we have chatted and in all honesty there has been quite a lot to report on so as a result of the flurry of activity I found myself somewhat lost for words and clueless as to where to start. The result of which manifested itself in me asking Emma (who many may have met when she worked at our camps in the valley over the last few years) to write a few lines about what she has been up to since she came back for a little bit of a visit. This will hopefully give me some time to put a few of the stories down on paper in an organized fashion for the next time you hear from me.

For now though over to Emma:

“So I find myself back ‘home’ in the valley once again! The bush telegraphs have been reporting phenomenal game sightings so I headed off up north to the Nsefu sector to see what excitements I could find. An action packed few days it was…

As always Nsefu is looking fabulous. On arrival, Daudi, Alice and the team provided a great welcoming party, but they were not alone! The puku and water buck were grazing on the river the bank, the hippos were enjoying sunbathing on the beach, the giraffes were having a refreshing drink from the lagoon outside the bar and the elephants had just crossed the river. So, it’s true, your safari experience really does start right from inside camp.


After a refreshing cup of tea and delicious piece of cake, it was time to set forth with Chilumba to see what the afternoon and evening would unleash. It did not disappoint! Driving north along the river eagled eyed Chilumba suddenly stopped the vehicle, he had spotted something hiding amongst the long grass. A young male lion was lying peacefully in the shade, enjoying the afternoon view across the river. To avoid ruining his peace and quiet for too long we continued along the river towards Rory’s Hippo spot, a beautiful location, perfect to watch the sun go down and enjoy a sundowner. A family of elephants came to join us! The nocturnal animals were out in abundance on the way back to Nsefu. Elephant shrews scampered this way and that, a hyena skulked along the road and a baby porcupine was chauffeured by its parents to safety in the bushes. As if that was not enough excitement for one evening, as we neared camp, a beautiful lioness greeted us. She lay next to the road cleaning her paws, yawning and smiling for the camera. Shortly after arriving back at camp, she strolled in front of the lagoon, perhaps she wanted to join us for dinner!


The following day, an early departure from camp allowed us to drive up to the Hot Springs in time to watch the sunrise. The 4.15am ‘knock knock’ really is worth it! While Chilumba put on his chefs hat and cooked up a delicious breakfast, Chris, the scout, escorted us across to the springs with the steam rising and water bubbling beneath our feet! You can really feel the heat! As we enjoyed our breakfast in complete wilderness, the first kill of the morning took place…a tawny eagle swooped down on a frankolin. Not long after this an unsuspecting guinea fowl was targeted by a martial eagle. The bird life was plentiful, the spur winged geese flew overhead and the chorus of the crowned cranes resounded across the plain. To round off an exceptional morning excursion we heard the baboons and pukus alarming…a male leopard strolled out from the trees. Very relaxed, and certainly not camera shy, he lay down in the shade.


On my last morning, during breakfast, the spectacular show continued …the lions and cubs crossed the river and started to play on the beach right in front of us. A great start to the day and a wonderful finale to another memorable stay at Nsefu.

I’ll leave it there for this week, the tales of the bush are endless. There really is never a dull moment, always something special to see.”

Thanks ever so much Emma – jeepers!, certainly feel a little green with envy as I read of your tales from Nsefu so a trip up there is definitely on the cards. I hope that everyone back at home isn’t feeling similar pangs as myself.

So until next time I shall leave you with the entertaining thought of the Nsefu Lion cubs sauntering into camp a few nights ago and taking offence to a director’s chair and using it as target practice…. The canvas cover was ripped from the chair and the following day found some distance from camp by Deb and her guests on a walk.

Have a great week and look forward to filling you all in with more tales from the Luangwa in a few weeks time.

Have fun


Hippos at sunset

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