It’s Monday 15th March 2010 and a thrilling week left behind

This week has most certainly been a fantastic week with lovely warm and sunny weather combined with some fantastic game-viewing and extraordinarily beautiful sunsets.

Hammerkop, South Luangwa,  Zambia  Great White Egret

Chris and Vaughan Williams (RPS Addicts) persuaded a group of friends to join them on another trip to the Luangwa Valley to witness for themselves the reason for their repeated visits. Nancy, Barry, Jim and Pam were brought along from Australia for a week long adventure.

Leopard, South Luangwa, Zambia  boating on the Luangwa River,  South Luangwa

After 5 days with us at Nkwali and Nsefu the team climbed off the boat and settled down for a quick drink before heading over to Luangwa Safari House. At the end of the bar there was a whisper from Vaughan “what are the chances of seeing leopard this time of year?” silence prevailed as all hoped that the potential had not been jinxed then in a stroke of luck (although Jacob insists it is pure skill and talent) they had the most fantastic sighting on Sunday afternoon. What more could they ask for….

Pam has been competing with Vaughan for the best sunset photo shoot, a point and shoots versus SLR with zoom lens…. I can’t wait to see the results!

They are a fantastic team of people and are next heading down to Victoria Falls so hopefully we will hear more from them once they have returned home and had a chance to sift through photos and get back to us.

The sightings have been absolutely fantastic this last week as well as the afore mentioned weather which is perfect timing for David Rogers and his photographic week. This workshop consists of a range of levels of photographers who get to spend a week with David and each other learning the ins and outs of photography as well as getting the wonderful chance to work alongside such a skilled photographer and have game drives dedicated to this. They are now up at Nsefu for a few days enjoying the remoteness of that area of the park along with the sublime colours offered to us all at this time of the year. These workshops do not just concentrate on the obvious wildlife photography but also look at landscapes, macro and even lodge photography – we look forward to seeing some of the shots they have taken when they return to Nkwali later this week. Hopefully we will be able to share with you all some of these photos in our next It’s Monday.

Elephants, South Luangwa, ZambiaElephant, South Luangwa, Zambia

The workshop has proved such a hit that we have decided to squeeze another one in later on in the year so for all you budding photographers out there this is your chance!!!!  Don’t expect full rivers and glorious green as the next one will be in October so there will be a completely different result with open parched landscape, heat shimmers and concentrated riverine game and if you are lucky some of those wonderful pre-rain cloud build ups – tempted?

Crowned Cranes Liuwa Plain, ZambiaHyena pups, Liuwa Plains

Lady Liuwa, Liuwa Plain, ZambiaRobin Pope, Robin Pope Safaris, Zambia

Moving away from the Luangwa Valley we are now getting ready to re-open our Liuwa Plain operation.  These trips are led exclusively by Robin Pope and offer a wonderful experience in one of the more remote areas of Zambia. For years Liuwa Plain was completely off the beaten track and was visited by only the most hardy of travellers however, ever the intrepid Robin and Jo decided that this was an experience to be shared with others so re-excited safaris out in an area which has reputedly got some of Zambia’s greatest wildlife gatherings. Jo also fondly comments that this is one of the few places where you can have a 360 degree uninterrupted view, a place where you can see for so far that you can start to see the earth’s curvature! This all definitely sounds far too tempting to miss so I shall be looking to find a space on one of the trips up there and join Robin for a few days to experience this in May – so fingers crossed and I shall definitely keep you posted.

Have a wonderful week.


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