It’s Monday 17th April 2006 and the weather forecast

Blue skies are back again! After late rains we are now having beautiful clear skies with wonderful views right to the escarpment. BJ, our storeman and has worked for Robin and Jo for many years, came into the office this morning and announced that the rains were over.  This is based on the fact that this morning was our first chilly one and apparently this is a sign that winter is due to arrive and that means the end of the rains – so will keep you posted on how accurate BJ is with his long range weather forecasting.

wanabee guides

This is the time of year when we see groups of people staring at trees in the park or around camp. Yes the wanabee guides are getting ready for the exams in early May.

Debs and Kerri are busy with their guiding course and have been out in the bush with groups to help them get ready. Kerri has written a note on what they have seen and included some lovely photos. Over to Kerri…

get ourselves stuck Part of being a good guide is knowing how to get out of a sticky situation.  Therefore on our guides training course we obviously had to get ourselves stuck in the mud to see if our students could get us out.  At least that is our story and we are sticking to it.

Birds are another big focus on our guide’s course and we have had some wonderful sightings.  The clash of the Fish Eagle was over fish at a fishing party and the Saddle-billed Stork didn’t want to miss out.

clash of the Fish Eaglea

This Lilian’s Lovebird was sitting in front of its nest catching a few sun rays.

Lilian’s LovebirdWood Owl

After rushing out to see what the birds were complaining about Deb found this Wood Owl in front of our room at Nkwali.  It seemed fitting that the birds were annoying it during the day because come night it keeps all of us up by sitting between our rooms and Simons and calling throughout the night.

Thanks Kerri – but looks to me like Debs did some of the digging out judging by the mud sticking to her!

Leopards have not been seen in huge numbers this week but Zebron did have a superb sighting of one hunting at Lupunga Spur. The leopard had a choice between a herd of impala out on the plain and a group of puku nearer to the bush. He went into a gully and tried to get close to the impala but they were too wise and moved away into the open as soon as he popped over the top. Ok no impala for dinner so the second choice was puku. The leopard went back through the gully to get closer to the puku but they got wise to him and moved away from the bush to join the impala out in the open. No go there either so the leopard gave up and disappeared to look for some less street wise antelope. Leopards, like lions, are stalk and ambush predators and they need to surprise their prey but this one obviously needs a few lessons in the art of sneaking up on his intended meal!

Stay well and have a great week.

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