It’s Monday 17th March 2008 and let’s go shooting

It’s Monday 17th March 2008 and let’s go shooting

This past week we’ve had a great group of characters on David Rogers’ Digital Photography Workshop. As well as taking plenty of great photos, they’ve been up to all sorts of mischief with Jacob Shawa leading them with his infamous laugh.

There was a mix of experience, from “point and shoot Barbara” to technical gurus David M and Brian. The group also varied in computer literacy – Richard (an Executive Chef from the Dublin SAS Radisson) was a whizz kid with the photographic software, but was somewhat challenged on the more basic computer operations – “How do I create a folder?”. Charlotte was teased constantly about her ability to cause at least one computer meltdown each day.

The TeamAction shot of Richard and David M

Everyone’s attitude to the safari was to have as much fun as possible, take lots of photos, and laugh a lot. They gave the workshop their all, finding themselves round the campfire chatting after midnight most nights and were still keen to be up and out before sunrise to catch the “sweet light”.

After many trips to Africa, David M was thrilled with his first wild dog sighting. While the group watched a herd of impala, the dogs came charging out of the bushes, scattering animals everywhere.  Everyone was clicking away for what seemed like a very long time, but a check of the camera data showed that it was only 45 seconds of very intense action.

Wild dogWild dogs creating havoc

The weather was cooperating and bestowed the photographers with plenty of variety – rain, billowing cloud and sunshine, so they could practice photographing all scenarios. A highlight was photographing elephants and zebra in the mist. With Jacob’s skill they were never caught out in the rain, although they did have to seek shelter at Nsefu bar on their way to the stork colony. They took advantage of the time out to discuss some of the finer points of photography.

After a lesson on how to photograph jumping puku, the group went out to put theory into practice. However the puku decided to be vary calm and not cooperate, so Richard offered himself as the subject … ‘nough said.

The theory of a  jumping pukuAnd the practical  application

The group also had a excess of lions sighting, so much so that they left a lion on the road to enjoy a beautiful sundowner, only to return to find it almost in the exact same spot. Lazy lion …

Lazy LionWhite baboon

A white baboon was also seen, a rare sight as unfortunately they don’t survive for very long. We’ve been debating as to whether it’s because they glow in the dark making an easy target for leopards.

Jacob was the star of the safari with his knack for positioning the vehicle for those glorious shots. He also had a go with David R’s camera … according to David he’s a natural with a good eye. He’s now saving to buy his first camera and I’m sure he will blossom at his new hobby (watch this space).

Just in case you were wondering about the level of the dedication one receives while attending the workshop, Charlotte accidentally splashed mud on her lens and no one had the correct cleaning gear with them, so David R “made a plan”. David M caught the action and the image had the group laughing for hours.

Jacob and chameleonDavid R - absolute dedication to  photography

The group was having so much fun that the preparations for the usual last evening slide show were given up in favour of more time in the bush and around the fire (it is a holiday after all) and the images taken during the week will be posted on the net in the coming weeks. The best way to learn is while having fun and, quoting David M, “I’ve learnt a lot about photographing in different light conditions, including the benefits of cloud and low light. The group learnt a lot about the effective use of flash, with owls and lions all giving plenty of opportunity for practice.

Everyone has gone home now, but David Rogers will be back in May with a new group.

Update on Jo: She’s seeing an improvement every day and is now being mobile using crutches to help. Robin is back in camp, and we are looking forward to Jo’s return in less than a month.

Have a great week … enjoy St Patrick’s Day – drink lots Guiness, Irish Whiskey and Bailey’s … Hope you’re wearing something green!


Eles in the  mist

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