It’s Monday 17th October 2005 and the end is nigh

I can not believe that we only have two weeks left until Tena Tena and Nsefu close. Once again the season has whizzed by and so I am off to Tena Tena next week for my last fix of this year.  Game viewing at both camps has been terrific of late with mating lions, leopards all over the place as well as unusual birds such as a madagascar (olive) bee-eater. Debs spotted one at Kasikizi. There is such a short window to see them making this a wonderful sighting. Another highlight for Nsefu was elands. Two bulls and two cows were seen at the wafwa. Normally eland are more common around Tena Tena and so this was a treat for Nsefu guides.

Katava Nsefu’s resident leopard is looking very pregnant. There are lots of lionesses in the area who are also pregnant so we look forward to returning next year to lots of cubs running around the area.

Simon was up at Nsefu covering for Daudi last week and managed to take some wonderful shots.

The carmine bee-eaters are out in force and adding a vivid dash of colour to the baked earth that is all we see at ground level.

carmine bee-eaters are out in forcecarmine bee-eaters are out in force

Simon also managed to get a shot of lillians lovebirds which really does illustrate the parched landscape we are experiencing. To continue the bird theme I have included this lovely Giraffe and oxpecker – a truly symbiotic relationship.

lillians lovebirdsGiraffe and oxpecker

One shot that Simon has been trying to catch for many year is that of an impala eating a sausage flower and as you can see – bingo!!  On the same day he also spotted this puku suckling.  The mother is obviously very thin from lack of nourishment and it must be a struggle at this time of year to produce enough milk for the young when food sources are scare.

impala eating a sausage flowerpuku suckling

The last photo shows the perfect lion head shot – this is where you see how the lion got to be known as the King – what a majestic pose.

Lion in a majestic pose

And finally – Debs and Kerri were on off as we say here and in the Mfuwe area came across a pack of 22 wild dogs yesterday. The pack included 9 puppies – very exciting and let’s hope that they keep popping up now from time to time until the rains come and we see them more regularly.

Stay well and have a great week.

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