It’s Monday 17th October 2011 and life at Lunga Lagoon

So then, just to keep you all in the loop so that you don’t think that we are simply enjoying life in the bush and having plenty of fabulous game viewing (don’t worry we will get onto that later), I thought I would fill you in with a little snippet of information from behind the scenes….

We are getting to that time of the year when we are looking up at the sky and hoping that the clouds don’t build any more, and then hoping that the rumbles that we hear are peoples tummies asking for food, rather than the ominous sound of thunder. This year we have, however, had some early rains which, whilst terribly refreshing, has caused a few problems. Mobiles were still operational and Alfred, the chef, had a challenge cooking on his open fire under the rain, whilst the guests found cover in one of the spare tents. Fortunately this all happened on the last night, so a rather damp and squidgy the camp was packed up and headed back down to Nkwali . We had what can only be described as a mini hurricane whip through Nsefu one evening with winds so strong that plates were flying off the plate pile – Alice ducking the china onslaught and the bar has been given a really rather interesting new hairstyle. Now though we are just having the fun and games of hot, hot weather.

elephants in shadebuffalo

So, in the gap between the rains, we have been busy building a 14 bedded camp up in the Nsefu sector – all tented – ready for a film crew arriving today, which is going to be quite an epic. Claire and her mobile’s team have been busy sorting all of that out. Simon returned to Zambia after two months in Malawi and has been put straight to work in the workshop getting all the cars ready for the film crew, and the fleet was dispatched first thing this morning. David the tailor has been frantically sewing up blinds and gutters for tents as we need to make sure that everything is waterproof, as we get ready for the rainy onslaught that we are all expecting in the next few days. The Nsefu and Tena Tena teams have been fully booked with guests and showing off with some pretty fabulous game viewing.

lionesslion eye

This brings me tidily onto the wildlife, which is of course what we are all out here for, so I am going to show off about the Nsefu sector today. Lunga Lagoon has to be one of the most prolific game areas I have seen for some time. In the space of a week we have had two lionesses kill a buffalo just on the edge and, whilst enjoying their feast, being chased off by some hyenas, as well as a multitude of vultures. Just on the southern tip of the lagoon has been a mating pair of lions, so, fingers crossed, we will soon be hearing the pitter patter of tiny paws. Four days ago, as we drove through, we had a herd of some 3-400 buffalo lurking on the edge, as one of their chums had unfortunately taken a wrong route through the lagoon and got stuck in mud. This is always a particularly horrid and hard sight to witness, as our human instincts want us to go in and save the animal, but unfortunately it is survival of the fittest out in this harsh landscape. The buffalo is now proving a yummy meal for a team of crocodiles that have come through from all ends of the lagoon to feast.

buffalo and crocodiles

Yesterday it was certainly an exciting day on the baby front, as, zipping off after a healthy slurp from the lagoon, was a warthog with her very, very brand new babies. Then, at the same time, on the other side, an elephant cow had just given birth and the entire and extended family were there to welcome the new and rather wobbly youngster to the world.

So, there we have the news from Lunga Lagoon, just one small area in the Nsefu Sector, which is quite impressive.

baby warthogsbaby elephant

This week we are a little higgledy piggledy with everyone running around so I shall leave you to it and next week we are going to hear from some of the caterers about their experiences with us this season. So, from a rather hot office, I shall bid you all farewell and hope that you have an amazing week and lots of fun.



lunga lagoon

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