It’s Monday 18th April 2005 and Kawaza News

A number of you have asked how the building project at Kawaza School is going. Due to the rains I have not been up there for a few months but recently went up on a site inspection (sadly void of children as it was a Sunday!). So this week you are going to hear all about it…..wildlife catchup next week!

We have now completed the second classroom block and the sixty new desks are in place. The children “moved in” last term. In total there are six large new classrooms which are superb and the community is absolutely delighted with the school. A huge thank you to all those who are supported us.

Kawaza SchoolMercy in her three roomed house

What are the plans for 2005? We have started on the final block which will be a refurbishment (replastering and new, raised roof). I also inspected each of the teachers houses which need repair. This is Mercy, who teaches the grade one classes, in her three roomed house (beautifully decorated – guess her favorite colour). Her roof is very low making the house hot and the walls need plastering. In total there are eight to refurbish and two new ones to build.

We now have the situation where Kawaza is of a high standard and has eight government teachers and eight RPS sponsored teachers. The children number over 600 (from 350 a couple of years ago). There is also a pre school of 90 children that has started.

Incomplete blockFull of bats

I also visited the one other school in the Nsefu area (4 km from Kawaza)– and the condition of this school is simply appalling. There are 362 children, 6 desks, 2 teachers and the teachers houses have been condemned. We have put in 6 teachers now so there will be 8 in total. But take a look at these pictures. One classroom block was started a few years ago and never completed (part of the roof blew off this rains and the walls are the blackboards). The other one is full of bats (see the lines of excrement on the floor) and in terrible shape. The children sit on the floor !! So in 2005 we plan to bring this school up to the standard of Kawaza.
•Finish off the half built block
•Build a totally new block of three classrooms
•Build four teachers houses

The original classroom block - built in 1942The original classroom block - built in 1942

The original classroom block – built in 1942


Condemned head teachers house

Condemned head teachers house

Even with these two schools there are estimated to be between 500 and 1000 children not attending school due to lack of spaces. The immediate answer is to start a number of “community schools” which can be situated in churches throughout the community. You need to pay a teacher and ensure the children have some basic educational materials and they will then get some education. As we expand the Nsefu School we will be able to absorb a number of these children. I am hoping to put a committee together, from the community, that will help me establish these small schools.

And here is a thanks… in December the Nottingham Forest Football Club in England sent out some football materials with our regular guests Jane and Martin,and here is the junior team looking resplendent !! And a huge thank you to everyone who is supporting the project – the difference to the lives of the children involved is vast and that is why I want to widen the net !

the Nottingham Forest Football Club kit

So … an ambitious year indeed. If you want to contribute financially please contact me.

We will be looking to raise USD 95,000 this year. This is higher than you would think is necessarybut the reason isI am not using the cheaper locally made and burnt bricks butwe are making cement blocks – this is to avoid cutting acres of trees down for the burning of the bricks.

….and if you are coming out this year here is a note for you….(or you can post it from overseas!)

SCHOOL EQUIPMENT – If you want to help the local schools, do bring any of the following in any quantity. It all helps. If you pack in a separate bag you can leave it with Airwaves Zambia at Lusaka Airport if there is a weight problem on the flight and they will send it up to us on the next flight. Even a plastic carrier bag, taped up will be fine.

Items – educational posters and maps, inflatable globes, early reading books, early learning puzzles, crayons, felt pens, pencils, pens etc, early educational or wildlife videos, calculators – solar not battery, games (eg scrabble, boggle etc), deflated footballs and netballs (with pump and spare valve), tennis balls, wooden bats, skipping ropes. And of course – any donation is most welcome !! For further information on the project…..

Kawaza Website Page

All the best for another week and wildlife next time…promise!


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