It’s Monday 18th October and Kawaza Pilots’ Post

It’s Monday 18th October and Kawaza Pilots’ Post

Time flies and we are already into the middle of October, the bush is dry, and the river is so low that you can walk across.  The game is gathering around the remaining waterholes such as the Nkwali lagoon by the dining area.

Elephant at the Nkwali LagoonElephant at the Nkwali Lagoon

I arrived at camp at lunch time and while I was walking to my room I was stopped by the room attendant who said “Rita, your luggage is still here, your room is surrounded by elephants.”

Elephant at the Nkwali LagoonElephant in Nkwali camp

I decided to get a bit closer and walked slowly to the swimming pool where I found David Rogers, who is here leading the photographic workshop . David was seating by the swimming pool with one of the guests and said that minutes before they were surrounded by the whole family of elephants. Luckily they were holding their cameras at the right time and place and managed to get some good shots.

Great start for this promising week in which I’ll be travelling across Zambia on an educational trip through Lower Zambezi and Victoria Falls!!

Last June we had a couple of pilots from British Airways staying with us, Elaine and her husband Bill who visited Kawaza School and have been supporting the school since then with an incredible amount of post.

Let’s hear the full story from Karen – Project Luangwa Manager.

“Who would have thought that when a couple of British Airways pilots went on safari in June they would end becoming postmen? Sounds odd? Let me tell you the full story.

It’s not often that two 50th birthdays and a silver wedding anniversary all coincide but when they do it’s worth celebrating. This is what Elaine Booth and her husband Bill , both pilots for British Airways, thought when it happened to Elaine’s sister, Wendy and her husband. And to celebrate they treated them to a safari at Robin’s House in the Luangwa Valley.


Whilst at Nkwali the group visited Kawaza School in order to deliver some books and it was this visit that inspired Wendy to think of ways to help. Shortly after returning home Wendy, a Business Manager at Elmtree School in the UK, contacted Project Luangwa about sponsoring a local child to attend school. Over the ensuing emails the relationship between Wendy and Project Luangwa deepened as discussions took place about twinning Elmtree with a school in the Luangwa Valley. 

Wendy then met William, who works for a book recycling organisation and, never one to miss an opportunity. She decided to collect children’s books and surplus classroom resources from Elmtree and the neighbouring schools to send to Project Luangwa for distribution at Kawaza.

Elaine en route for Heathrow.The crew

But how to get them to Zambia without it costing a fortune?  Well, Wendy is not shy of asking a favour or two . . . . . especially when it comes to her sister. Knowing Elaine and Bill’s love of South Luangwa – they married whilst on an RPS safari – Wendy asked them to take a suitcase or two on their regular flights to Lusaka.

Collecting the cases at Mfuwe AirportArrival at Kawaza

But the books still had to get from Lusaka to Mfuwe.  Robin Pope Safaris came to the rescue and arranged for Proflight to add the cases to their regular Mfuwe run whenever they had the space. At the beginning of September Bill brought out just one suitcase of exercise books and it proved a successful trial run. 

Unpacking at Kawaza School LibraryUnpacking at Kawaza School Library

A few weeks ago Elaine delivered her first consignment of three hernia-inducing bags of much needed books and stationary to Lusaka and the very next day Proflight transported them to Mfuwe. Just two days after it left Heathrow, Project Luangwa has been able to deliver the whole consignment to Kawaza School.”

Thanks Karen – together with Project Luangwa we would like thank British Airways, Elaine, Bill and the other BA pilots, Wendy, Elmtree School, William at GT-Recycling and Proflight themselves for coming together and making “Pilot Post” a reality.

Have a wonderful week!


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