It’s Monday 19th December 2005 and another aardvark

Yes I am back from my extended travels – part work and part holidays and I managed to fit in 5 different countries before arriving back in Mfuwe on Wednesday!

The It’s Mondays lately have been wonderful and have kept me up to date with what has been happening in camp. This week I was going to give you the low down on how the opening of the houses went – including a preview of the finished product. However, the photographer has disappeared without leaving me the photos! Therefore I am going to leave the story until next week when we will be able to tell you all about the “down to the wire” opening day.

Needless to say this means that I am totally unprepared for this edition. However, I have been personally very lucky and seen both a large python and then an aardvark since returning – no.3 aardvark for me but the first for both Geno and Becky who were in the car with me. Yes, we were on the way back from Flatdogs after a night out but since Geno is teetotal no-one can blame an alcoholic daze for this sighting!

Needless to say I have no photographic evident of these sighting and therefore I am going to include some random pics to brighten up your Monday.

Here in the valley the sun is shining and all is glorious, not that this has been the case every day lately. We have not had much rain and the river, although rising is still quite low. However, we have been seeing some rather spectacular storms all around and impressive lightening and winds. We are all impatient to try out our new boat and so hope to see the river rising faster soon.

Meanwhile on the Nkwali front game viewing has been good. Obi had a wonderful sighting of elephants whilst parking up on elephant loop close to the Luangwa crossing point. He was with his guests watching a group eating wild mangos when very quietly a larger group snuck up on them. Before they knew it they were surrounded with elephants, all taking no notice of the vehicle and just quietly walked on about their business. Exciting game viewing indeed.

Shanie had her family to stay last week and took the opportunity to accompany them on a sunrise drive. One of the highlights was coming across a pair of mating lions. Wonderful to watch, however, they had chosen the middle of the road to perform and after watching for quite some time Shanie eventually radioed Mfuwe Lodge and asked if they would mind the vehicle driving through their camp as they just could not spend all day waiting for them to move off!

On the birding front we are seeing the arrival of intra African migrants including lovely sightings of woolly-necked storks and more Angola pitta – this time spotted by Bertram and Sebastian.

Sighting of the week, however, has to go to Rocky – a pair of elephant shrews mating – in the afternoon!!

I am off to look for something that will pass for a Christmas tree now – hope you are all getting ready for a wonderful Christmas. All of us at Nkwali wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

Stay well and have a great week

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