It’s Monday 19th Feb 2007 and Mrs Mop gets to it

It’s Monday 19th Feb 2007 and Mrs Mop gets to it

Week Three – for various reasons I did not visit the Valley this weekend. The biggest reason being Robin was in town and decided to extend his visit. We had a restful weekend at Robin’s brother’s glorious farm. It included “Gone with the Wind”. So yes, that restful. I was sure you would not be interested in my goings on in Lusaka so I asked Emily to give her news from the bush.

So it begins……

a I was enjoying a lovely rainy Friday in the UK when I was told that I was not able to come back out to Zambia as there simply was nowhere for me to stay due to the flooding. Somewhat shocked and surprised by the news, as before then I had been blissfully unaware, I settled down to a mammoth MSN session to find out what was going on. Fully in the picture, I rescheduled my flight to arrive on Tuesday the 13th to begin my role as Mrs. Mop!!

The arrival back to the valley was a real baptism of water. Obviously with the road system being down, Rob collected Don and Adrian, and me from Kapani to be boated back into camp. No less than 2 minutes from Kapani the heavens opened and we boated through an amazing rain storm. Getting back to Nkwali was a pleasant surprise – although very wet and muddy with immediate removal of shoes, there has been very little structural damage and really the biggest task is the relocation of all the mud, which Adrian is doing in style with our saviour… the sludge pump. It has to be said that I cannot wait for this to be completed as I wake up every morning and have to break through the pain barrier of stiff calves from walking through a foot of mud.


The rest of the guys have all been set a multitude of tasks to get the camp up and running by the 1st of March. Everything is progressing remarkably well; the only frustration is watching the outside of the rooms as the level of damp lessens an inch a day. However, fans are a-plenty and we are slowly getting there and are hoping to start the painting by the end of the week. Ruben and his team have set about re-opening the roads into camp as they were completely washed away when Robin’s Bridge became the new Luangwa Bridge. Yesterday we had our first visitors by road, Deb and Kerri popped over – primarily due to the lure of chocolate – but made it all the same.


This does make us sound like complete workaholics, however it is not as bad as it seems, and we have been able to make the most of the high waters as it shall not be for too much longer; the river is dropping at an incredible rate. Finding our way to the heronry to make the most of a few clear evenings that we have had and attempting to find some decent fishing spots for the boys – although I shall say that they appear to be catching more of Africa than they do fish, but we won’t tell them that, as confidence is the key!!


Well back to my Mrs. Mop duties, shall leave you all to the rest of your Monday and have a great week!


PS from Editor: Not sure what Don has in his ear here…..perhaps a flower for luck??????

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