It’s Monday 19th May 2008 and the winner was …

It’s Monday 19th May 2008 and the winner was …

It has been a fabulously hectic week – all the caterers have arrived at Nkwali and are undergoing a serious introduction to Robin Pope Safaris, Luangwa Valley and Zambia. They spent Friday morning at Kawaza Village having lots of fun with the children and even had a go at the traditional dancing. We had a wonderful RPS dinner at Flatdogs on Friday night – everyone got their glad rags on and went out on the town. We did try to convince the girls that they had to dance on the bar, but they weren’t naïve enough to fall for it (well done girls!).

Vicky with Grade 7 students Nessa dancing with  some impressively limber young men

Tom Savage, the winner of our last photo competition claimed his winning prize a couple of weeks ago. He took some more stunning photos and we asked him to share his experience with us. Over to Tom:

We had asked RPS to apply our winnings towards the Luangwa Safari House as my sister and brother-in-law wanted to join my wife (Paje) and I. We all loved the house – it is a wonderful place to stay.  Paje and I loved Obi from the previous two trips to Robin’s House and RPS was kind enough to let him switch to be our guide at Luangwa Safari House.  Katherine (aka Kat from Tena) created a little bit of Texas at the house by making us iced tea and margaritas (after some experimenting).

Wild dog stretchingBaby lions

This safari was a little different from our previous ones.  We saw animals and birds that we hadn’t seen before in Zambia – hyenas (two packs), wild dogs (two packs), a lot of gymnogenes (African harrier hawk), francolin chicks and baby lions. While I had seen baby elephants and baby baboons before, I had never seen so many as we did while eating lunch at Luangwa Safari House. Since I am a photography nut, I shot hundreds and hundreds of images of the young uns. The deck at Luangwa Safari House is a wonderful place to do that. It is a good thing I am shooting in digital format or I would be broke paying for the film processing!

Grey louries matingDust light and trees

What were the high points of the trip?  Photographically, there were two.  The first was when we stopped to photograph a lone female grey lourie and a male appeared and mated with her, fed her something (the reverse of humans), and then posed next to her on the dead tree.

The second was early one morning when stopping on the road just north of Luangwa Safari House to let two trucks of workers pass and the combination of dust, early morning sun and the tall trees made a beautiful scene.  I shot dozens of horizontal and vertical images using several lens.  Then again – there was the time a mama francolin walked up the road toward us with her three chicks … and the baby lions … and when we were charged by two baby elephants and … so maybe there were many more than those two high points.

Mama francolin and chicksBaboon family

Everyone had a great time.  Paje can’t wait to get back to RPS, so I guess I will have to accommodate her.


Thanks Tom! Hope y’all have a splendiferous week


Sunset over the Luangwa


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