It’s Monday 1st May 2006 and the dogs are collared

A great week for wild dog enthusiasts. As you will remember from last weeks newsletter Kellie was all set with the collars and vet at the ready. Well the good news is that they managed to successfully collar 2 dogs. Great news as Kellie should now be able to obtain information on the dog’s movements for the next year or so.


Kellie says that the whole process went very smoothly with little stress on the dogs themselves or the rest of the pack.

a However, what happened next was far from normal. Firstly a warthog appeared and came right up to the car – no fear of humans whatsoever. This warthog has been seen in the park on several occasions lately, following vehicles and even walkers! In fact he is called Robert and used to live at Chipembele Wildlife Centre but one day decided it was time to move away from home. However he seems to like to keep in touch with his two legged friends.

a Next a small herd of elephants turned up on the scene. Elephants and wild dogs are not best friends. To start with there was a bit of a standoff and then of course, as always, there is one bright spark on either side who decides that it would be fun cause a bit of a ruckus. Firstly one elephant chases a wild dog off. Then the wild dog decides to be brave and taunt the elephant.

At this stage the researcher thinks better of standing outside to watch and hops into the car to take the rest of the photos. Kellie said it was a hilarious sight – boys will be boys!


aLast week we had photos of the wedding at Nkwali – this weekend a few of us were invited to attend the wedding celebration of Mr Moses Makumbi’s daughter, Monica. Moses is the local wildlife authority’s Tourism Ranger and a great help to all of us in the valley.

The congregation were all beautifully dressed and I felt quite dull in comparison. The bridal party arrived and were led in by the dancing bridesmaids and groomsmen performing a routine which must have taken them awhile to perfect.


It was a lovely evening and I am sure will have carried on into the small hours. If only I had the stamina to party all night – well I may have to try next week as Jo and I are off on our annual trip to Durban for the Indaba travel show. Lots of meetings and serious negotiations of course – but mostly fun to meet up with old friends in the industry. Robin and Rob will be here to hold the fort – sorry guys but you know what they say about all work and no play and we are partying for the good of the company – honest gov!

Stay well and have a great week.

Link to more about African Wild Dogs Conservation Project

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