It’s Monday 1st October 2007 and the funny season

It’s Monday 1st October 2007 and the funny season

Kerrie popped down from Tena Tena with some wonderful stories, so I asked her to put them down for you. All is well in the bush – as we tip into October today, we oscillate between hazy hot days to clear breezy days (well still hot but much less noticeable). The game is concentrated along the river and the word “abundant” comes to mind. But I will stop rambling and hand you over.

Impala with sausage flowerElephant with tricky trunk

Is it the heat…or the sweet nectar from the plentiful sausage flower blooms that have made the animals (and us) slightly mad? This month at Tena Tena we have had an elephant doing all sorts of tricks for us with her trunk, a hippo keen to show us his latest synchronized swimming techniques and a large crocodile trying to procure a quick snack (carmine bee-eater) on the bank of the river…..

synchronized swimming hippocroc and bee eater

It’s hard to imagine that a small bee-eater is hardly worth the trouble of thrusting over half of your body out of the water! Sadly we failed to catch the croc in action, as every time we put down the camera, we missed our hero shot! Holding a 400mm lens for 15 minutes at the ready, the arms do grow tired. …As before mentioned, the weather has been quite hot and it’s every elly for himself in the valley! This baby has happily found a cool comfy place to rest from the mid day sun. Sound asleep on top of its sibling (a practice known as elly stacking).

elly stackingtwo large bull giraffe fighting

Regular guests of ours, Richard and Barbara witnessed two large bull giraffe fighting. They said that the acoustics from each blow to their respective bodies was amazing. I was able to see the bulls the next day and they did not look like they were in great shape, lumbering about with more than just bruised egos, I spotted large gashes to their heads, necks and legs. (the giraffe and performing elephant photos are courtesy of them…thanks!)

resting lionsstalking lions

The lions aren’t resting on their laurels in the heat…still hunting and filling their bellies after a buffalo kill the other day the younger lions did what they do best; laid back to relax and sleep it off. Suddenly three not so bright warthogs came trotting through towards the pride. Just as they stopped to sniff the ground, (as it appeared they were working out whether or not they could place the scent) the lions were on their feet and at the stalk in no time. Shortly thereafter the three warthogs came to reason and were off! The lions then called off their lazy pursuit and just played with each other instead.

elephants crossingLunga view

Happy to report the game viewing has been amazing around Tena Tena this month. Some days you don’t even have to go far. You can just sit at Lunga, and in one fell swoop see a herd of buffalo drinking, elephants crossing, a herd of eland, kudu, puku, impala, hippo, giraffe, baboon and warthogs. The pictures do not do the scene justice but here we are – one to the left and one to the right. You can’t really beat that…you can beat the heat!

ZebraEye shade

Thank you Kerrie.
So all the best from the Luangwa Valley.


  • Update on the self released wild dog – the Dog Team have reported that she seems fine.
    The link to the translocation update, or direct to the page.
  • A note from Marissa Wesely: thought you should know that, when we were at Palmgrove in mid-July, we also saw an elephant at night crossing the riverbed on its way to shake the palms. Jones spotted it in his lamp as we were dining on the river bed. Also saw a herd of hartebeest on a walk with Zebron not far from camp. Very funny faces. There is a lot of game around there, it just doesn’t show itself that often. The prints in the wet sand of the riverbed provided the basis for a excellent zoology lesson from Zebron – everyone came through that spot. We loved it at Palmgrove. It’s a very special place.
  • Have just heard on the radio that there were wild dogs at the Palmgrove. I asked who was there. Answer – the staff. The group only go in tomorrow! Never mind – good viewing for the staff.

lion eyes

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