It’s Monday 20th August 2007 and the Medals

It’s Monday 20th August 2007 and the Medals

Robin and I planned to visit Tena Tena and Nsefu – firstly for Robin to say goodbye to the guests he had taken on the Walking Mobile Safari and secondly we had not yet seen Dr Death and he was at Nsefu. All was ready to go, then and agent, Dave, who was visiting for talks showed up and we decided to bring him along to see all the camps. We picked him up at the airport, told him the plan, and off we went. We drove through the cathedral mopane on the way to Tena Tena and as we entered the park I wondered what we would see. Sometimes you can drive around late morning and see very little and I was hoping this would not be the case.

Leopard Stalking Across the RoadHiding in the Bush

As we came around the corner of Lunga Lagoon, we spotted one of our game viewing vehicles on the road ahead and slowed down. Hmmmm….our day had been timed rather tightly, Nsefu would be holding back lunch if we were late, I had already told Tena we would be there in ten minutes and now we would have to wait. My mind was full of logistics, what WERE they looking at? Then we saw it… a leopardess stalking across the road. Right beside the vehicle, I could not belive it! “YES!”, I thought, this will impress Dave. Wow, she was so close. She moved to the shadow of a bush and waited, but the impala saw her and the hunt was over. This all happened within a few meters of us, and even though we have all been in the bush for years, we are all thrilled by this experience. And so, all on a high we continued on to camp.

Lovely Giraffes

After stopping in at Tena, we drove around the other side of Lunga on our way to Nsefu. The lagoon is full of water and will produce great game viewing this year as the other lagoons will dry. There was a lovely family of giraffe, and beautiful scene of eland and elephants feeding on the island and in the distant woodland a view of a single eland under a lone tree. It was all very picturesque. I have not seen eland for a few years and so I was delighted.
A lone ElandAn Eland trotting in front of us

Later one ran past us, they are majestic creatures. So on we drove to Nsefu…. Here we saw both Paul and another regular, Renate, along with other happy guests. Lunch was full of laughter and high energy chat.

Hippos basking in the sunHaving a mud bath

On the way back to Nkwali we stopped at “big bend”, where the hippo were all out of the water sunbathing on the bank. The population of hippo in the Luangwa is impressive – and especially noticeable when they are piled up on the sandbanks. We carried on – spotting a pride of seven lions under a tree in the distance and an old hippo, walking from one mud hole to another. Boy – I was feeling proud! The game was really spectacular.

Collecting WaterUsing and Ox cart to collect water

We had lovely scenes of villagers collecting water when we drove through the two river beds on the way home. Nkwali was full and so Dave had to stay at our house and the next morning we sat on our porch, talking for hours, and watching herd after herd of elephant coming down to drink. During the 24 hour visit the game had been fantastic and Dave left very impressed with the Luangwa, and so he should be – it is impressive.

Watching the Ellies at Rojo
Robin said later that he had wanted to run out to the animals and pin medals on them!!

Hope you have a wonderful week.


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