It’s Monday 20th December 2010 and the winner is …

Today is the Monday much anticipated by those who submitted their photos to the RPS photographic competition!

So many of our guests take such great wildlife photographs, that a few years Jo decided to run an annual photo competition. The talented winner is awarded free nights to extend their holidays in our camps.

I would like to thank all participating guests for making this year’s competition especially challenging to judge and for continuing to push the boundaries of wildlife photography in South Luangwa.

This year we had more than 80 pictures in the competition and there were some hard choices to be made because there were so many great shots!

The best photos are loaded into the image library , take a look. I have now the pleasure of sharing with you the finalists…

All the finalists of 2010 RPS Photo Competition show us beautiful photos shot at exactly the right moment.

Jane Addey, stayed with us this last season and actually contributed the funny leopard and porcupine story for It’s Monday in September. She had a good eye for the right moment. The most hilarious images were taken at the right place at the right time. Many times you have to wait hours to take that perfect shot and only once in a while do you get lucky enough to get your shot actually right.

David White, a returning guest, shows us heart-warming pictures that capture the tender moments between animals and their offspring.

Lioness with cub – Great photo, David isolated the lions, defocusing the background highlighting this delicious tender moment between cub and mum.

Elephant with baby – you need to have an eye for detail to be able to spot this fleeting moment that can make a great shot, well done.

Ken Solomon managed to get some wonderful photographs from a unique perspective.

View from above giraffe – Ken found a very unusual angle to shoot this giraffe which works really well.

Leopard snoozing in tree – well spotted! During the day leopards are difficult to find. Their camouflage mixes with the tree leaves and branches, providing them with total cover as is very well shown in this shot.

And finally, as well as fantastic angles and right framework, Warren Wilson captured the light and colour in a unique style giving the pictures a certain dramatic element that is a common feature in all his photographs.

Reflection – fantastic light, a perfect shot which transmits the peaceful moment

Predator and his prey – wildlife photography is definitely a team work; guide and photographer found one of the safaris fans favourite sightings – the leopard with its prey.

Baby elephant enjoying a mud bath – this is so well captured that you can see all the movement and the baby elephant’s joy while splashing in the fresh mud

Leopard planning its hunt – Can’t you actually seeing it looking towards a herd of impala and planning his next moves? Brilliant framework!

With great excitement I’m delighted to announce the talented winner: Warren Wilson with the “Baby elephant enjoying a mud bath”

Well done Warren and congratulations to all finalists!

Warm holiday wishes from the RPS team,

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