It’s Monday 20th March 2006 and the Exposure of Photographers

The photographers


An “exposure of photographers” joined us for a week – led by the intrepid David Rogers – photojournalist of note from South Africa. We know Dave well and his relaxed but serious style is well suited to RPS. As he puts it – the Luangwa is the most “beautiful classroom”. Rain did not stop play except for forty minutes one evening – when there was a radio call from camp telling them to find shelter, and do not come home until the all clear is given. Nkwali was experiencing strong winds and rain (only three kms away). So they went to Chichele on the hill, watched a huge storm roll across the valley. But an hour later the stars were out in a clear sky.

Lion drinkinggrasshopper

The guests came, as always, from different countries and walks of life.

  • Rob, South Africa, Financial Consultant.
  • Wim, Belgium, IT.
  • Geert and Rita, also from Belgium.
    Geert is a “Tobacconist” I was told – suitable as he spent the entire trip in the back seat so he could have the odd smoke! He imports luxury tobacco – not running a station tobacco stall.
  • Daniela – mother of a 14 month year old, having a well earned holiday.


The group arrived with varying levels of equipment – and Geert only had a canon powershot – literally a point and shoot. David lent him a spare camera for which he was eternally grateful.

Everyone had to choose a different subject to present at the end of the week – and I have ten pics from everyone. Extremely difficult to choose the shots but I wanted to give you some focus on the park and wildlife this week – after our near flooding shots of last week.

For the full set of pictures – go to Mosi Moments.

two ladszebra

When I asked Dave what was the most dramatic sighting he described the following but of course not a single photograph from the group. Everyone had sat silent and still!

There was a pride of lion hunting – four young males and two females. They were steadily moving forward toward some impala and then a couple moved around to the back. A classic lion hunt. The lights were switched off so we sat very still in the dark. Suddenly the impala hooves thunder and we heard a loud thump near us. The light went on and we saw a female fly through the air. An impala was already down and two of the males started to fight over the kill – loudly – snarling! The victor ate the impala without sharing it at all. Rita had never been to Africa and found it quite traumatic. The sausage bar snack back at camp…? Wasn’t having any of it. In fact she turned vegetarian for the evening.

on the riverelephants

Dave was concerned that they wouldn’t see much as it was the green season – well he was stunned by the game, the birds, the flowers, the landscape, the skyscape, the lot. Of course the wild dogs were seen three times (I had to get that in)! And they enjoyed the additional dimension of the boating.

Dave has already asked for us to organize another one for next year!! Dates to follow soon.

All the best, and have a great week.



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