It’s Monday 20th November 2006 and the City Slickers

It’s Monday 20th November 2006 and the City Slickers

grass shoots Hello, yes the city slickers are back home. Robin, Jo and I arrived in the valley on Thursday – happy to be home in the bush.It was strange to get off the plane in Mfuwe and have to dodge puddles left from rain the night before. Little green shoots are appearing and the dust has been laid to rest for another season.Tena Tena, Nsefu and Bush Camping are now closed and the office is quieter with no panic radio calls that they are running out of mosi, need a carpenter to mend a broken loo seat etc!

However, on the downside last Sunday saw a huge storm that swept through the valley damaging houses and taking off roofs. Unfortunately these included the new roof on Kawaza School, which now looks like someone has taken a tin opener to it. Most of the iron sheets were ripped off – amazingly the sheets with the solar panels attached were left unscathed. Simon says that of the 3 only one panel has a small crack. However, it is going to take over $2000 just to replace the lost sheets and so if any of our readers would like to contribute to our emergency fund to re-roof before the worst of the rains start please contact – all donations will be very gratefully received. The headmaster took a couple of photos with his Polaroid camera but unfortunately our scanner is not working so I can not show you the extent of the damage.

buffalos Gameviewing has been great this week. I had dinner with a guest on Friday night, who arrived on the same plane as us, and he had an amazing afternoon drive. First off seeing about 500 buffalo coming to the river to drink – these were followed by over 100 elephant crossing to the villages and then lion and leopard – wow and they say the green season is not as good as October! European Storks are also being regularly spotted now  (although this picture is from last year)

European Storklioness under tree

Rachel has not experienced the green season before and is just amazed by the speed that the river is rising. Yesterday morning there was a large sand bank in front of Nkwali with a trickle of water passing slowly by. This morning the river is now bank to bank with a fast flowing channel on the far side.The river will become the main topic of conversation for the next few months with much debate as to whether it has risen 1 or 1.5 metres in the last hour on many occasions!

football on the beachthe rinver (now covering the beach)

Some of the staff had a football match a couple of days ago on the sand bar just below camp and from the photos you can really see what a difference there has been. We can look forward to sundowners floating down the river in no time!

Stay well and have a great week



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