It’s Monday 20th September 2010 and Warren’s photography passion

Yolande and Warren stayed with us at Nkwali and Nsefu from July 27th to August 4th. They’ve just returned home to Australia after their African trip through Zambia and Kenya .

Yolande kindly shared with us some of the adventures they had during their stay at our camps and also the most fantastic pictures. Over to her:

“We were fortunate enough to have Kiki and Daudi as our guides at each camp and with their able assistance and eagle eyes we seemed to be in the right place at the right time to enjoy lots of special moments.

Breackfast at NkwaliLeopard

Warren has a passion for photography and we both have a fascination for all things large and small. So from civet poo to ellies, jacanas to fish eagles we just loved learning more about the African bush. The early starts were not a problem when you knew there was porridge or toast cooked over the fire waiting for you. We were fortunate enough to see leopards most days with Kiki, however on our 3rd day out Kiki spotted a male in a tree and positioned the vehicle so that we were able to really get a good look at him as he jumped down from the tree and moved to a quieter location.

Jacana and ElephantDrinking with the Boys

However it was on the drive transferring from Nkwali to Nsefu that we had our most memorable moment. We had stopped for coffee by a small lagoon when Kiki heard some elephants in the distance. We decided to wait quietly by the water to see if they would come down to drink. Well they were thirsty so the whole family came within metres of us to have their morning drink. We were particularly amused to watch a baby which had yet to learn to use its trunk. It had to bend down and sip using his mouth. Then as the family moved off, the large bull with the group decided to have a closer look at us. He came right to the side of the vehicle and it felt like he was trying to work out what we were.

Warren was looking down at his camera and Kiki nudged him to look left and he just about dropped his camera as the elephant was so close you could smell its breath. I’m afraid I was busy trying to get under the seat and my hands were shaking so much that we don’t have any photos of that big bull, but we were thankful when Kiki started the car and backed up a bit, as it was then that the ellie had his curiosity satisfied and walked away. Well we all laughed about that encounter however we were very glad that we had a guide with lots of experience who knew what to do.

Mum and BabyTop Gun

The number of crocs and hippos by the Luangwa River is amazing. Whilst we were with Daudi we counted the croc and hippos we could see on an approximately 800 metre stretch of the river. There were 50 crocs and 40 hippos!! So I thought I had to include at least one picture of each of these guys.

Leopard and ImpalaLilac Breasted Roller

Daudi also gave us the opportunity to look closely at a leopard with his kill. We seemed to be fortunate enough to see leopards every day and lions most evenings. Plus we had some lovely bird moments with Daudi as you can see by the Lilac Breasted Roller that posed very obligingly for Warren one morning.

We were very sad to leave Zambia and the Robin Pope camps, but we both hope to come over and visit again.

Once again thanks to you all for helping make this trip our most memorable.”

Thank you Yolande for sharing these moments with us and to Waren for the fantastic pictures, congratulations!

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