It’s Monday 21st August 2006 and the Don Report

It’s Monday 21st August 2006 and the Don Report

A quick introduction on myself: I, Dan, joined the Robin Pope Safaris as the food & beverage manager with my girlfriend Suku (in reservations) in April this year and I must say that we have both been warmly welcomed into the Robin Pope Safaris family.

running leopard Just thought I would tell you all about my week, and what a week it’s been. Well, it started off with my new camera arriving from the UK with the Harper Family, big THANK YOU to them, and after four months of office & hot stoves I was fortunate enough on my trip up to Nsefu to put my camera to the test, and what a drive it turned out to be.

With our trusty guide Peter we planed to head out to the Salt pans, but first a quick pit stop… well I’m not sure if a Egyption Geese Leopard and two cubs on an Impala kill can technically be considered a pit stop! Had a perfect morning with the cubs darting from tree to tree and the female dragging the kill right past the front of the vehicle!

We then headed out to the salt pans and had a cup of coffee with the Egyptian geese. I got a bit of stick because the water from the hot spring was hotter than the water from the flask… Sheesh, that’s just not fair! And the morning would not be complete without Peter giving a demonstration on what happens when you get on the wrong side of the food & beverage team!

Petter with bonesLeopard with Kill

The following day, good old ‘Oz’, aka Simon Pitt, our workshop manager, headed up to Nsefu so I decided to catch a ride back. We had a couple of minutes to spare and Oz, always being keen to flex his guiding muscles, did a little exploring. Firstly stumbling across about a million buffalo….


Ok, ok, maybe not a million but there were definitely more than a lot. And then finding one of the biggest herds of Eland Simon had ever seen, and the first herd I had ever seen. This truly was a special sighting as these giant antelope are quite scarce and skittish.


Just when I thought I was all done for the week, Rob came back from the bush yesterday morning announcing a pride of lions just outside camp. So we all hopped in a vehicle and headed out for yet another adventure finding a pride of eight lions, including three of the cutest four month old cubs I have ever seen.

This being just a stone throw away from the camp, I will have to think twice about my short walks to photograph butterflies!

Well I guess that’s it from me, but with my new camera by my side hopefully not the last you will hear of me.



PS from Kim – thought you would like to see what they look like – both doing what they do best. No really, they do work hard most of the time!

Don - in profileSuku - in repose

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