It’s Monday 21st February 2011 and where has the rain gone?

I hope that everyone is well and had a great couple of weeks – here in the valley we have been chocker block full of excitement with plenty happening on the wildlife front.

lionwild dog

First off a favourite that has not been mentioned or seen for some time – wild dogs – Braston was out on a game drive on Sunday morning and came around the corner at Twin Baobab to find a pride of 4 lions chasing a wild dog which in itself is quite an amazing sighting. Unknown to Braston, Bertie was gently strolling around the corner with his guests following his “nose” and also found the same dog….. what of the lions, well the lions picked up Bertie and his team well before they had been seen and scooted off in another direction. It would appear that it was all go that morning so a good job that Daudi and the team had set up a surprise breakfast for everyone in the park with a nice jug of Pimms mixed up ready to calm the excitement!


Rob and I also made it out this week as well taking a boat trip up to Nsefu – as you have heard me go on about the weather quite a lot I shall keep it short but we have had almost no rain in 3 weeks. Great for gameviewing not so great for the river levels. There was however a lot of rain up in the North Luangwa and the river scooted up enough for us to take advantage. This has to be one of my favourite trips spending a day on the river and seeing the national park from a completely different perspective. Hippos and crocs looking at us with quizzical eyes as we speed up river through their homes. We also came across a very small hippo indeed that was probably just a few hours old and still struggling to find its land legs. Impalas, pukus and zebras looking down at us from the river banks like we are completely mad being in the river. Birds flying past us racing us to the next corner. Elephants cooling down in the river and buffalo coming down to drink. It really is amazing and what is even better is apparently this is work!!! We are getting ready to open up Nsefu for the start of the river safaris so we were up in the camp checking that everything was ok and making lists of what we need to put together for the camp building team which Daudi will be leading and will be heading up at the beginning of the week.


Obi and his Robin’s House team have had some of our regular Pumulani guests over for a couple of days as they decided to sneak a peek at valley life and have been given a great few days of game-viewing with both lions and leopards. As well as clear skies building up to huge impressive but rather unproductive clouds with some fantastic light being cast across our beautiful valley. The elephants have also been scuttling around camp which is always a treat but can be a slight challenge when the guys are trying to get around and quite often heads can be seen peering around bushes checking that the coast is clear before venturing out!


A small little bit of news – the Wild Dog Research team rescued a baby porcupine a few months back and after living in the office and being fed up and strengthened it has been released and can often be seen scooting around camp in the evenings doing well and looking very happy.


Rob and I are heading down to South Africa for a couple of weeks and already the credit card is curling up at the sides with fear of what is going to happen. Luckily for all concerned this is a “window shopping” trip as I need to get together ideas and long shopping lists ready for the beginning of peak season.

So on that note I shall say goodbye to you all for quite some time as from South Africa I shall be short of tales from the bush. In the meantime I hope that everyone has fun and stays well and look forward to chatting again soon when I am back.



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