It’s Monday 21st May 2007 and the Football Tournament

It’s Monday 21st May 2007 and the Football Tournament

Max with ball
We’ve had Max Little staying with us for the past two months now and have thoroughly enjoyed having him around (especially since we got him to do all the odd jobs, like painting the chairs!). He is leaving us today and heading home to England, so thought it would be a good idea to let him write the Its Monday this week and tell everyone about his experience coaching football and the exciting culmination of his trip..the inter-school football tournament that he held this past weekend. I know all of the school kids had a great time at the tournament and everyone he taught really appreciated the time that Max spent with them. So, over to Max……

Have a great week!

football playersFootball players

On Friday 18th and Saturday 19th May, I held The Susie Alsabban Cup football tournament for all of the schools in the area. There was a primary and upper basic competition running simultaneously.

On Friday, the group stages took place, in the primary division were: Yosefe, Chiwawatala, Katemo and Mfuwe played at Chiwawatala School; Nsefu, Kakumbi, Kawaza and Malimba played at Yosefe School. Yosefe, Mfuwe, Katemo and Kawaza competed in the upper basic competition at Mfuwe Day School.

I managed to get round to all of the venues to watch, and in some cases, referee games. The atmosphere was incredible. Hundreds of children and teachers flocked round the pitches and if the home team scored, the pitches were invaded as shown in the photo. The passion for football here is unbelievable and the participating teams thoroughly enjoyed having such a big audience. Almost everyone was seen walking around their villages in football shirts!

Penalty On Saturday, we had the two semi-finals and the final for the primary competition and the final for the upper basic schools at the Chiwawatala ground. The crowd was huge!

The first semi-final went to penalties and the whole crowd gathered round the area and behind the goal (in the picture) – no pressure for the takers then!

Team photo

No tournament is complete without some drama, and that occurred in the upper basic final between Kawaza and Mfuwe High. Kawaza were winning 2-0 with 10 minutes to go and an Mfuwe shot was going wide but one of the children in the crowd stuck out a foot and put the ball in. The referee didn’t see this and gave a goal, which incensed the Kawaza players. However, the referee couldn’t change his decision so the goal stood but made little difference in the end as Kawaza still won 2-1.

In the primary final against Nsefu and Yosefe, Nsefu came back from being down 1-0 at half time to win 2-1.
prize giving

We had the presentation ceremony afterwards with the regional director (the VIP for the day). I handed out the new kits, goal nets, balls and football DVDs, donate by Susie Alsabban to the teams and took photos of them, proudly sporting their new kits (as shown in the photos).

All in all, it was a brilliant tournament, played in great spirit, and I was very happy to be a part of. Hopefully people can continue to do this sort of thing in the future as it is so greatly appreciated by the local community.




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