It’s Monday 22nd May 2006 and the Dogs are still around

We have been sent some beautiful shots by Suzanne who stayed with us last week. Suzanne is a keen photographer and has been building up a collection for some time but was missing one of the “little five”. We are happy that finally at Nkwali, she managed to complete her collection – yes the illusive five toed elephant shrew the exciting finale!  However, I have chosen this chameleon wandering across Obie’s hand as probably something the majority of our guests would get excited about – oh and of course a male lion just in case anyone prefers the big five!


The Nsefu Sector is looking great – Lunga Lagoon and indeed all of the lagoons have lots of water due to the later rains this year. This should hold well into the season and be a great attraction for the animals and fishing parties.

Today is D-Day at Nsefu with guests arriving at lunchtime. Two of the caterers therefore headed north on Saturday to settle into their camps. In the usual tradition they had to be sent off after a late night out at Flatdogs and a few mosi’s. Bex is now at Nsefu with Daudi and I am sure she is pulling out her new khaki wardrobe as I write.

Sarah(?)Nicky(?) and Jo

Jo, on the right of the picture, is working with Kerri at Tena Tena and has all of one extra day to acclimatize and have the place looking shipshape before her first guests drop in tomorrow.  Our other ladies are Sarah, who will be at Nkwali and Nicky our little Scottish red head is looking after Robin’s House for us this year. A great team.

Kerri & Chris have reported good gameviewing in the area already. Chris has spotted two leopards and two new male lion in the area. The lion were in front of Tena Tena yesterday drinking and playing around – or was that the staff celebrating camp being ready? Twice the pack of 18 wild dogs have been seen in the last week opposite Tena big bend. I did get over excited when I was told they were AT Tena big bend and imagined being sent shots of swimming dogs – but no… This is the first pack Kelly managed to get collars on and this week she collared one of the pack on 10.

Great that both the packs will now be providing data.  However, it will not show them bravely taunting a crocodile which Kerri managed to get on film this week. I think their mothers forgot to tell them not to play with sharp objects – risky business!

We will have some shots of how the camps up north are looking for next week. But for now – have a peaceful day and lets Suzanne’s sunset shot ease you into your Monday morning.
Stay well and have a great week.

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