It’s Monday 23rd May and all sorts of fun and games

It’s Monday 23rd May and all sorts of fun and games

So then first off, hello all, and hope that the last couple of weeks have been successful and enjoyable. From here in the Luangwa Valley, well it is nothing but go go go … As predicted from my last It’s Monday , my dear mother phoned me in a bit of a panic about my lion encounter, but I can assure you that since then we have all been safe and sound keeping legs, fingers and toes tightly tucked inside the vehicle at all times!

The wildlife has been performing and meeting all levels of expectations which is always good news – either that or I could mention that the guides have been superb and finding all the animals to the levels of expectation. Moving away temporarily from the wildlife I would like to announce the arrival of my new batch of caterers for the season – only 2 newbies this year Harriet and Lucy both from the UK and ready and raring to go. So I thought that it might be nice to hear a little snippet from them about their first week in the Luangwa before I crack on with news about camp openings.

Harriet and Lucy over to you….

Nkwali barBraston

“Fresh from the UK into Nkwali Camp , complete with the soundtrack provided by the resident hippos, our life in Africa begins. So many new faces and names to learn, animal noises to recognise, where do we start? Our first two days began bright and early at half past five with breakfast around the Nkwali campfire before heading off into the park with Braston our guide. Having safely crossed the river, Captain Thomas navigating around hippos and crocs, we piled into the 4x4s for our morning safaris. First on a guest’s request list was the elusive porcupine…. having said we were unlikely to see one on a morning drive, with almost comic timing one immediately appeared in front of us and Braston was able to point it out and appear exceedingly efficient. Later in the drive we were lucky enough to come across another much hoped for sighting, a leopard.


We were all really excited and were able to snap away whilst the leopard calmly walked past our vehicle, and had a drink before sauntering off.

It’s not all game drives and camp fires though, we’ve been busy getting the camps ready for the season ahead and preparing for an exciting six months with Robin Pope Safaris. “

Thanks girls. Don’t worry they have been doing some work as well in fact Lucy wended her way up to Nsefu on Wednesday to get going with opening camp and getting to know her team and Harriet has already got stuck in at Nkwali. I am sure that we will be hearing more from them during the course of the season.


Almost perfectly that brings me on to the subject of camp opening. Or in Tena Tena ’s case the camp is open….. first guests arrived on Saturday and things got off to a bang and a roar with a full camp. Luke and Bettina have been working feverishly to get the camp open in time and I have to say it looks fab so well done them. Nsefu opens next weekend, which gives Daudi and Lucy a bit more time to perfect things so we decided to throw a curve ball at them and get 2 of the chalets completely re-thatched!!!! Nsefu now looks like a split personality camp with one half of it calm and collected with the guys polishing the fittings and hanging curtains and the other side well slightly grassy and chaotic. Everything though will be ready with plenty of time and the team is looking forward to their first guests.

Simon (Oz) also got back to the valley this week so that has been great having him around and he is now causing chaos and havoc in the workshop, one area of the operation that I am definitely staying away from.

So from my side for this week I think that that is about it to be honest with you. I could go on but the risk of digressing is a real possibility and also I wouldn’t want to give everything away in just one weeks’ It’s Monday. So until next time have a good one and enjoy.




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