It’s Monday 23rd October 2006 and Lions, Lions and more Lions

It’s Monday 23rd October 2006 and Lions, Lions and more Lions

Lion at Nsefu Well, lions seem to be ubiquitous this week. Not that anyone is complaining. Simon and Deborah walked out of Nsefu to go to the bush camping spot on Thursday and en route saw 20 lions – on foot during one walk – quite amazing. They then went on an afternoon walk and saw some interesting lion/elephant interaction too.

Nsefu have had lions around camp, on the beach in front of camp and Bex even saw a leopard walk though the car park just metres from the bar. Guests, Justin & Helen, who were with us in September have sent us this great shot of lions on a buffalo on the beach – so it is a regular occurrence!

lions on a buffalolioness

Emily and Rob could not sleep one night and so got up early and heading into the bush to see what was about. They came across lion just by the pontoon.

Two mail lionslion (black and white photo)

Egyptian goose with her goslings Also, to prove we are not cat chasers, they spent time watching an Egyptian goose with her goslings – how sweet. I have included a few shots here taken by Emily over the last couple of weeks. Our camera is on holiday on the Nyika Plateau with Robin so we have not taken any this week – hopefully he will have some great shots for us to include for next week.

ElephantImpala drinking

Elephant with snare Unfortunately an elephant was found this week in the Nsefu sector with a snare on its leg, not looking too well. Kerri put in a call to Rachel, who runs the South Luangwa Conservation Society, and they managed to come up and track the young male. Rachel darted him and took off the snare. He has now been seen back with his family group and looking well. SLCS do a great job here in the valley especially with their anti-poaching patrols which are organised in conjunction with the Zambian Wildlife Authority. They offer individual membership for just $60 per year or family membership for $150. This goes to help them with staff salaries, anti-poaching patrols and helping snared animals. If anyone would like to become a member – individual or corporate do please contact Rachel direct on or see their website for more information

On Saturday a group of around 200 buffalo appeared right in front of Nkwali. They came down to drink at the river and disappeared as quietly as they had arrived. It is amazing how such large groups of animals just appear and then are gone without trace in the bush. Needless to say no-one had their camera with them!

And finally – to leave you on a very cute note, Roxy the warthog brought her babies to meet Steve and Anna who run Chipembele last week – so here they are having a mud bath and one of the braver piglet coming to meet Sprite the bushbuck…collective aaahhhhhh……..

Roxy the warthog andher babiespiglet and Sprite the bushbuck

Stay well and have a great week,

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