It’s Monday 24th April 2006 and the Poker Picnic

cool boxes It has been great having Kim and I can delegate! So this Saturday, I found something else to do with my “spare time”.  I arranged a “picnic and poker” afternoon beside Kalawani pan.  The lagoon was full of white faced whistling ducks swirling around whistling.  I had told everyone (well all of 5 of us) what to bring but of course my email was ignored. A sea of coldboxes arrived – would have been enough for a week!

pocker schoolGabu

Ade of Flatdogs had spent the morning making lamb burgers and Jake had brought chicken to cook.  I was slightly surprised as I was not aware that I had said bring uncooked food but whatever.  Jake set up the portable “braai” and instantly said “no gas – sorry for that”. Classic. After a delicious lunch we cleared the table and settled down for a long afternoon of poker.  My godson, Gabu, spent the afternoon being king of the castle on top of the anthill.  Godmother JoJo was worrying about the possibility of snakes popping out but nothing appeared.  We left at last light and I was five dollars richer.  An afternoon well spent I say.  So over to Kim……


We had an exciting day this week when two of our guests, Stephen and Liz, got married. During the week lists were made, roses sourced and order of service elephant dung booklets made. We love planning weddings and always have fun trying to make it a bush, yet reasonably sophisticated affair. As always Rev. Manza was on hand to official. He comes along the day before the wedding to talk to the couple and whilst he takes this seriously, our caterer was surprised that vicars were allowed to wear shorts!

Stephen and LizStephen and Liz

Becky and Rudy decorated the car magnificently with local flowers and foliage – the Texas style pair of horns on the front were unusual but it really looked great. Jo and Keyala were the witnesses and the “church” was laid out on the river bank under some shady trees – complete alter and roses petals on the aisle.

Stephen and LizStephen and Liz

After the serious bit, jackets came off and everyone enjoyed champagne and canope’s before waving the newly weds off on a sunset river cruise back to camp.

To top off the week the wild dogs returned. Kelly is very excited as this is her chance to start collaring some of them. A bit of a relay started yesterday afternoon so that whilst Kelly was getting everything ready they did not do a disappearing act. They were seen hunting, killing and even the alpha male and female mating – wow. The vet arrived this morning so hopefully we will hear later today that they have been successful in the collaring.

Wild dogWild dog

Wild dog Sebastian managed to get in on the act and our guests hopefully got some good shots of the dogs – lets hope they stay around for a few days this time as they have been a bit elusive over the last few weeks!

Stay well and have a great week

Link to more about African Wild Dogs Conservation Project

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