It’s Monday 24th July 2006 and Kim hits the road

It’s Monday 24th July 2006 and Kim hits the road

SquirrelWell I have been out in the bushes – yeah. Saturday afternoon I jumped in a gameviewer, well loosely using the word gameviewer, as it was one of our “older” workshop cars, and set off for fly camping. The cruiser had no radio but I had a map which Debs had drawn for me. Easy getting to Nsefu after years of driving around that area but I had never been to the fly camp spot out on the Mutanda Plains before. I was given strict instructions to radio Nkwali once I got the Nsefu camp so that they did not send out a search party as the car also had a battery problem!  However, being a bit forgetful I stopped off on the way to visit a member of staff who had not been well and turned off the engine. After a brief visit I could not restart and had to find a group of strong men to help push start the vehicle.

However, I got to Nsefu fine and delivered a few bits and bobs to Bex and set off on the adventure part of the trip.

Great game along the way too including eland, which I had not seen for a while. Then just before camp I saw a group of elephants in the distance heading for my road. What to do? If I waited I could be there for ages and so I decided to spin on and get ahead of them. Most of them took no notice of me but one tuskless female started to flap her wings and the more she flapped the more my heart rate increased. However, I snuck past only to find her following me down the road! Thankfully she gave up quickly having decided that she had seen me off.


The fly camping spot is just beautiful, remote and with a stunning view over the plains. I had come up to see the Hobart family who I stayed with in Colorado back in March. They are just super and had come to us for a well earned safari after several weeks of volunteer work in Malawi. We had a fun evening and then I retired to my little pop up tent for the night. I am a big fan of hyenas but missed a great sighting as I dropped off to sleep immediately, missing Debs having to chase a couple off who had decided that the soap hanging from the wash bowl outside my tent looked like a great snack!

dawnI awoke the next morning to elephants chomping on branches from the tree under which my tent was pitched and saw them amble past a few feet away as the dawn approached.

Up early and back to Nkwali and my computer the next morning. However, just after lunch I popped back to my house only to find three wonderful bull elephants on the sandbank. So I grabbed my camera and got a shot of me watching a baboon, watching the elephants, which just goes to show you don’t need to leave camp to see game.

elephants on the sandbankbaboon watching the elephants

Simon was out and about this week and I have included some of his shots, including an arty one of a root system – yes our workshop manager has a sensitive side!

root systembaby elephant

Lastly here is a photo that Kellie took of a baby elephant next to her house playing with an old cement bag. Kellie is off to the bushes tomorrow to start her hyena count. I am really looking forward to going out with her when she gets to the park closer to Nkwali. We will go out from about 7pm to 3am and with a loudspeaker broadcasting the sound of a dying buffalo and squealing pigs and see how many lions and hyenas turn up.

That’s it from the bushes for this week.
Stay well.

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