It’s Monday 25th September 2006 and the regurgitating Leopard

It’s Monday 25th September 2006 and the regurgitating Leopard

Hello there all. I am back from my travels, having had an excellent trip with the highlight being a stay at Garonga Safari Camp in Limpopo province of South Africa. Wonderfully relaxing, and yes as Jo guessed, I did partake of the odd massage and reflexology session. Therefore, I am now loose, relaxed and ready for the rest of the year.

I stepped off the plane in Mfuwe to be hit by a wall of heat. The winter is now becoming a distant memory and I am seriously thinking of putting my duvet away for the summer!With the dry, dusty conditions we are seeing the elephant and buffalo really starting to congregate around the remaining lagoons and of course the LuangwaRiver.We are regularly spotting herds of 20 plus and Paul saw over 200 elephant crossing the river just below the Wafwa last week – a truly moving sight.


Keyala tells me that daily leopard sightings have become the norm – no promises if you are visiting us shortly!! Both drives and walks have been seeing these amazing cats – my favourite that is for sure.

On the lion front Keyala and Beej have just come back from seeing lions on a hippo. Three females, three males and three cubs were feasting on a young hippo of about one and half years old. The chaps managed to track them for about 1.5 km and then came to about 100m from the group – an amazing experience for guests and guides alike.Vultures were already circling about and starting to land in the trees, waiting for their chance to get a piece of the action.

Also on the lion front, Peter from Nsefu tells me that their pride of five females, five cubs and a big males are killing impala most nights and that all of the cubs are looking really well which is great news.

Nsefu watering hole is coming into its own now that the sounding area is becoming drier, and most days huge flocks of lilian’s lovebirds are coming down to drink and bath, adding a splash on colour to the brown tones of the surrounding bush. Added to these beautiful little birds, the carmine bee-eater colony is now in full swing just in front of Nsefu.

Sighting of the week has to go to Nsefu – first off Beej spotted a young male leopard in a fig tree with his puku kill. Whilst guests were watching, a lioness appeared and endeavoured to climb the tree with her sights set on stealing the kill. She was however, not a great tree climber and eventually gave up and slunk off back into the bush. The photo here shows just how well camouflaged a leopard can be.


A great sighting; however, this was not the end. The next night Peter drove his guests to see if the leopard was still in the tree with his kill – success, there they were but shortly after arriving, a hyena came under the tree and starting eating something. It soon because apparent that the leopard was vomiting above in the tree and the hyena was eating it – Yuck! Rather than finish on this note here are a couple of shots taken by Beej this week.

Well enough excitement for one week. It is so lovely to be back home to eles walking past the office and smiling, friendly faces at every turn.

Stay well and have a great week.


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