It’s Monday 26th December 2005 and a Happy Christmas

I hope that you all had a lovely day yesterday. We started Christmas with Carols on the Luangwa Bridge – always wonderful and this year we had fun with lots of singing and dancing from our Zambian choir and guests joining in – well Jo and I too actually!

Carols on the Luangwa Bridge

We were full to bursting at Nkwali and Robin’s House and in more ways than one after the fabulous Christmas lunch.  As we had quite a few staff behind the scenes this year I was not with guests. We cooked our own lunch at Robin and Jo’s house and had a great relaxed time with games of cricket between courses to help the digestion.  Meanwhile, Robin, Jo, Becky and the guides had a superb day in camp and I have asked Rocky to tell us about Christmas at Nkwali.

“The morning began with early game drives and walks for all. Everyone had good sightings with some seeing a pride of 10 lions. Not only this but there were 3 mating pairs amongst them, all within 10 metres of each other. One female even went off flirting with other males in between the attentions of her ‘partner’! This pride has been dominated by 4 prime males and this has obviously proved to be popular with the ladies!

the most enormous brunchthe most enormous brunch

Everyone came back to camp by 0930 for the most enormous brunch I have ever seen – everything you could think of. We wondered how we would manage to eat lunch later but of course we were all ready to tuck into the fantastic turkey and all the bits and pieces when it arrived later on.

blingQueen of bling

Lunch was great fun with Jo getting everyone to use the glizzy ribbons as ‘bling’ giving all a glamous look.  After lunch a game of charades followed. Jo was playing with the Sharp family who were over from America. Clearly Jo has spent many Christmas days playing the game as she trounced the competition!

Rocky at the wheel Just after lunch most left for an evening gamedrive. I was with one group of guests and was lucky enough to also have Robin as one of the group in the back. Robin had joined guests drinking wine etc at lunch time and so I was behind the wheel. The group, lead by Robin as chief joker, laughed our way around the park. Most hilarious was all looking through our binos into the distance and then when another vehicle stopped to see what we had spotted, saying – just trees and bursting into laughter!

We were also lucky enough to see some good birds this week too including white storks and painted snipe and as below you can see Knob billed ducks.


Knob billed duckscrowned cranes

Thanks Rocky – now here is our Christmas Quiz from Robin for those budding herpetologists who would like to take a stab at identifying this snake.

Name the snake The photograph was taken this month south of Nkwali in the park by Vernon Wauliter* who has kindly allowed us to present it on’ It’s Monday’. It is an extremely interesting specimen.

The person with the first correct reply receives a free copy of “Safari Dreaming”.


*(apologies if we have spelt this incorrectly)

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