It’s Monday 26th Feb 2007 and the Garden of Eden

It’s Monday 26th Feb 2007 and the Garden of Eden

So, this weekend I managed to fly up to Nkwali and have a few nights at home. I have never particularly been a “domesticated” person and those who know me well will now be laughing. Robin makes the scrambled eggs! Or so we all thought… I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to come back for these weekends, I walk into the house with very demonstrative expressions of “I love home”.

The first night I did not walk around the camp, thought best to have a relaxed evening without any worry – we do have only a few days to opening after all. But the next day I did, and what a surprise. The staff have done an amazing job and apart from the odd unexpected sandbank on the lawn, we are nearly there. The rooms have had a total overhaul so great to have done this early in the year. Oh yes – and still – don’t bring your swimming costumes. A way to go on the pool!

On Sunday I spent the morning cleaning up and clearing out the office. That is where my secret “cleaning tendencies” lie… In the office – how sad it that! Everything had been put hurriedly in the roof as the water rose, so you can imagine the disorder as it was hauled back down. And so much junk we all keep. The huge bonfire was very cleansing.

local telephone van

Sunday afternoon – it was decided that everyone should have a half day, so four of us decided to see what state the park was in. Now I promised no more mud stories, because “Everyone must be bored of it”, and after all it is really not that interesting at this point. But I cannot resist the picture of the local telephone van trying to get to the telephone tower. Yes – the water did wash quite a lot of the road away near the bridge, fortunately we are all able to still access the park.

So with slight anticipation we got through the 4 x 4 diversions and went into the park to see if the game was still around. It certainly was! Clearly where it had flooded, the low ground, we were not able to enter. Most of these roads are not accessible in the rains anyway. But it was a glorious afternoon and the game was doing their thing, as if nothing had happened. To be honest I would think not a lot had happened to them. They had moved away from the low ground and carried on life as an animal would.

big bull elephant Our first encounter was a big bull elephant. Robin and Rob both immediately said “GPS”. This does not mean he knows where he is located, but he is in musk and has green penis syndrome. Dripping and full of hormones they are renowned for being very stroppy when in this state. And on closer look he also had an abscess both between the eyes, and on his broken tusk. He was not keen to get off the road and displayed his mood by trashing a small tree. So Robin displayed his excellent reversing! And we avoided any confrontation – hence the rather docile looking elly in the photo.


warthog We then found the most incredible warthog. Just look at those warts and tusks!!!!! Robin thinks it is about ten plus years old. He seems very used to vehicles and simply did not mind us. So I thought I would see if he minded me out of the vehicle. Well it remains true. Animals don’t mind vehicles and as soon as you step out the most relaxed individual runs off.

saddlebilled stork drinkingpuku

We then trundled onto Lupunga Spur. What an amazing place, wide open views, huge skies and always – just always- a ton of animals and birds. We repeatedly heard a painted snipe – just to hear one is exciting. We watched a saddlebilled stork drinking – a first for me after 20 years in the valley. They throw the water down their thoat. There were giraffe, buffalo, puku, warthog and a lot of impala.

impalaFamous Grouse

How very often you’ve seen impala. I suppose they are the Welshman’s sheep to us. But they are very very beautiful. And I was rather chuffed with my photos. So here are a couple. On the way home we were treated to an “nkwali” – the red necked kind. Missed him calling as the %$*&^ camera jammed while Robin was making his joke of the day – It that the Famous Grouse? Very funny Robin.

Rob is distributing the work So Monday morning and Rob is distributing the work – 3 days to go! Robin and I are off to Tena Tena. Some redesigning may be in order there.

Have a wonderful week!

PS A big welcome back to Rocky who has just returned from his exciting trip to Australia!!!

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