It’s Monday 26th June 2006 and it’s Tena’s Turn

It’s Monday 26th June 2006 and it’s Tena’s Turn

It has already been a month since we have opened and it is amazing at the changes already. On first arrival the wildlife are slightly wary of us after our absence of nearly 6 months and the bush is green and thick. However already the wildlife has calmed down and we are starting to have some incredible sightings.

Tena's favourite leopard Two-two Last week Rocky was watching Tena’s favourite leopard Two-two when she dashed into a troop of baboons and caught a young baboon. She seemed to be carrying it back for her cub (who we knew was near by as we had seen both mother and cub on the morning drive wandering down the road). Unfortunately she let the young baboon slip and it dashed under Rocky’s vehicle and climbed into the chassis of the vehicle for safety. This seemed to confuse Two-two as she was just a bit too nervous to slip right under the vehicle. The young baboon lost its nerve however and tried to make a run for it but was caught again by the leopard on the other side of the vehicle. An amazing sighting and unfortunately only captured by Rocky and the guests on video so unable to show you any photographs (except this photo of Two-Two which I managed to capture while on the morning drive).

Our lions continue to confuse us now that they have showed up again as we seem to have some of Nsefu’s females (with single cub in tow). So luckily they seem to be appearing more frequently now but still a bit wary of the vehicles. Rocky and I both got shots recently and Rocky’s certainly has amazing light.

Lions bask in the lightlioness

Bird life continues to be amazing around camp, at the Salt Pan and Stork Colony (near Nsefu). Chris Cooke was lucky enough to have an amazing daytime view of a Bathawk always a rare bird to see but to have it sitting up in a tree close to camp in beautiful morning light is a real treat. A first for me this year was a Yellow-throated Longclaw which we spotted at the Salt Pan a couple of days ago. It is always interesting to watch the Yellow-billed Storks at the Stork Colony – the adults feeding the young and the Marabou Storks trying to get what scraps they can.
Baby ElephantsBaby Elephants

This year seems to be the year of elephants with plenty around the area and a regular visit from a beautiful bull elephant who I met in my first season in the valley (7 years ago) whom we named then Big Mike. He is giving great photo opportunities to guests right in front of their tents as he reaches up to get the pods from the Acacia trees around the camp.

largest Chameleon in South Luangwa We have also added a photo of our by now famous largest Chameleon in South Luangwa (possibly Zambia!!) – who hangs out (literally) along our drive way into camp. Chris Cooke also managed to get a picture of this amazing Humming Bird Moth getting nectar from the Vernonia.
Humming Bird Moth

sunset Jo Netscher our caterer is an excellent photographer (especial of people and landscapes). I have added a couple of her elephant photographs as even though we don’t really allow her to escape from camp often there is still plenty to see right here at Tena. She also captured a lovely sundowner shot – so not working all the time!

So from all of us here at Tena Tena,

Salani bwino


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