It’s Monday 26th May 2008 and Open Season

It’s Monday 26th May 2008 and Open Season

The big news of the week is that both Tena Tena and Nsefu opened with much fanfare this week, and have welcomed their first guests for the season. There was a huge push to get everything looking sparkly, fresh and lovely. The team builders have done a magnificent job and everyone is waxing lyrical about how stunning both camps are looking. The grader was brought in early this year, so all the roads are super smooth – no sports bras required! Kat has returned and has been promoted to manager. She is joined by Joseph – a guide from Nkwali. Although Nkwali will miss Joseph, we’re sure that they are going to run Tena beautifully. Wendy Leach has also joined the Tena Tena team. Some of you may remember her as she is a well known guide from Zimbabwe and managed Nsefu in 2000 and 2001. Welcome back Wendy!

The grader at workStork colony

Simon has been out exploring the Nsefu sector (well supposedly doing maintenance but managing to play a bit on the side too). The roads to the stork colony are open and there is plenty of activity going on. Young chicks are about fledge, the marabou storks are gathered about the base of the trees fighting over the dropped fish, and there is even a resident croc waiting along the dry lagoon for the failed fledgling attempts … he looks like he has been there for a while now. There is plenty of game around, with the eland moving into the area earlier than usual. One herd of eland is commonly seen in and around the ebony grove between Tena and Nsefu. The smaller lagoons are drying up giving rise to lots of fishing parties – Simon even spotted seven fish eagles at one lagoon!

Fishing party of spoonbillsEland

With all the camps up and running smoothly – Kat, Simon and Rocky managed to sneak out to join the annual Johnny Ambrose Rugby Tournament. It was a great day, with no injuries and a lot of support from the sidelines. The teams were more fluid than in previous years – with much swapping of team members, so everyone was a winner in the end! Pam Carr gave a beautiful speech, sparkling wine was poured into the winning cup and shared amongst the team players. A delicious braai, orchestrated by our very own Marko Simic, was had by all and the money raised was donated to the South Luangwa Conservation Society.

Johnny Ambrose  rugby tournamentYoung lion just outside  Nkwali

Back at Nkwali there has also been a lot of activity – we have had a pride of lions spending their days around camp serenading us in the evening. In the small hours on a couple of nights they have walked through camp leaving some impressive tracks. Wild dogs have frequenting the area on the opposite side of the bank, including a dispersing group of sisters from the Luwi pack passing through looking for some boys. The AWDC team was carefully monitoring their movements and conducted another darting operation, with one of the females now sporting a dashing collar. The girls have headed north now with AWDC keeping an eye on their destination, while the local pack of five continues to be regularly seen by visitors.

There has been a lot more going on, but we’d be here until next week if we included all the details! So we’ll save some news for next week … have a great one.


Sunset from Nsefu

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