It’s Monday 27th August 2007 and Dr. Death does it again

It’s Monday 27th August 2007 and Dr. Death does it again

Dr Death (aka Paul Deniger) may like to smirk at the fact that we all think animals die around him but as guides and guests fight to be on a vehicle with him, he has proven again that Dr D is a lucky lucky fella (well not so lucky for the poor prey animals).

Lions with Buffalo KillWhitebacked Vulture at the Buffalo Kill

It all started from his first arrival at Nsefu. We drove in his wake and found our lions (missing for 2 weeks) eating a buffalo shortly followed by a leopard kill. Since his arrival there have been an incredible number of killings. While on a walking safari around the Nsefu area, where Dr D was staying, Deb found the freshly half eaten remains of a guinea fowl killed by a genet. Looking up from the massacre lying at her feet to a passing vehicle, whose hat did she see in the passenger’s seat…….

Zero Zero and her cubZero Zero's Cub

I was lucky enough to take Dr D out for an afternoon drive the other day, where we came across Zero Zero and her 5 month old cub feeding on an impala. Paul and I watched the show from the front seat with a drink in our hands and a bowl of popcorn between us. Unfortunately, shortly after dark hyenas showed up and stole the kill away from the leopards. Dr D knows how to show his dates a good time!!!

Lions on a Warthog Kill

Due to the increase of killing this month we would all like to take a moment of silence to think of all the poor dead prey animals. Most especially the three warthogs killed by the Nsefu pride, who were minding their own business resting in the shade, traumatising my guest Tony for the rest of his stay with us.

Martial Eagle and Monitor LizardWasp Eating Spider

Other recent deaths: frog being killed by sacred ibis, monitor lizard being eaten by martial eagle, spider killed by spider hunting wasp, more leopard and lion kills than we can shake a stick at…

Salt Pan PrideFeeding time at the Salt Pan Pride

We have been lucky enough to have Rocky back with us during the month of August as he has not had any mobile safaris this month. His excitement at being back home for a month was increased by having a new digital camera and having some amazing opportunities to use it. On an all day drive with Renate he came across the Salt Pan pride, which now have 13 cubs between the 5 females. After sitting with them for an hour watching them play he found Hazel eyes (female leopard in Nsefu area) with two brand new cubs. Her last litter is only just getting to grips with being on their own.

Pel's Fishing OwlTena Tena Singing Giraffe

Eland sightings have been amazing this year with a definite increase in numbers around Tena. Great view of owls this year – Pels fishing owl, giant eagle owl, pearl spotted owls and scops. We also have a new Tena choir – the Tena Tena singing giraffe.

So we say good-bye for another year to Dr D, the Jones’ and Renate and hopefully all prey animals can rest a bit easier… for now.

Until next time – Salani bwino

Kerri and the Tena Team

Hazel Eyes

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